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Quick! Name your favorite holiday food.

Is it Dad’s expertly carved turkey or Mom’s mouth-watering green bean casserole? Maybe it’s gingerbread waffles from your favorite breakfast spot or that pumpkin spiced latte we’re all addicted to from you-know-where. No matter what you love to nosh on during this time of the year, chances are it’s a feast for the eyes, it comforts you and leaves you satisfied (plus wanting more later!). It’s so good, and it just works.

It’s time your candidates said those same things about your career site.

Your career site should be just as welcoming to candidates as an open seat at their favorite table with a warm meal waiting for them. It should welcome them in, make them want to stay and be so good that they want to come back for more.

If you’re not quite there yet, don’t despair. We’ve cooked up a few tips to personalize the candidate journey and give potential applicants all the feels:

  1. Pull up a seat and make candidates feel at home. Mom’s meals might taste a little bit better because you know it was made just for you, and that makes you feel special. A personalized candidate experience works the same way. Share stories from employees on “a day in the life” for each job family (e.g. engineering, marketing, finance) and dedicate specific pages to your recruiting initiatives, like veteran, campus and diversity. It’s a great opportunity to attract and engage visitors with the right messaging so that they’re more likely to convert into applicants or become part of your talent network.
  2. Give them the recipe and show them how it’s made. Think about it – isn’t there something comforting about a clear view into the kitchen so you can see exactly how your meal is made? You feel involved and informed, and it shows that your chef has nothing to hide. The most effective career sites provide viewers with a glimpse into the application and interview process, whether it’s a video or a few points of explanation. Transparency on a career site is very attractive – it helps set expectations and makes candidates feel more involved in the process, increasing the likelihood that they’ll have a positive candidate journey, from research all the way through interview or hire.
  3. Don’t just tell them how good it is, let others say it for you. In the same way you check Yelp before you try a new restaurant and ask your waiter which dish he recommends, a candidate’s decision to be part of your team is influenced by reviews from others – as well as stories directly from your company’s employees. For easy access and visibility, include a link to your company’s Glassdoor profile or add a Glassdoor review widget on your career site. It’s important for candidates to believe in the company that they’ll potentially work for, and being open about what others say about you is key in helping them make an informed decision. After all, Aunt Martha could tell you that her bacon-topped blackberry streusel is amazing until she’s blue in face, but until cousin Steve gives you the silent nod of approval, you’re not touching it.

For even more tips you can sink your teeth into, we’ve put together a lookbook with the ingredients for an effective career site that candidates won’t be able to resist. It will give you a detailed view into three beautifully effective career sites, how they use 12+ best practices to generate interest and action, and how you can measure career site success in your own recruitment marketing strategy.

It’s time to satisfy your potential applicant’s appetite for a welcoming,  personal candidate experience. Download the lookbook, get comfortable and get ready for a big helping of the good stuff.

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