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I love a good checklist.

It’s a simple way to get organized, view your tasks and track your progress along the way. And don’t get me started on how magical it is to check a box when you complete something. It’s so gratifying that even on those days when I fail to accomplish anything from my list, I add the things I did accomplish — just for the satisfaction of checking them off.

But checklists for big decisions don’t quite work the same way. Sure, it might make sense to check off features you’re looking for in your new house, but you wouldn’t purchase it without making sure it was the right fit for your family. And in the age of online dating, being able to check the box on every trait you’re looking for in a partner doesn’t guarantee there will be any sparks.

So how do you find the right match beyond a list of features? Move past the check boxes.

When it comes to recruitment software, you can do this by getting to know your vendor a little better. That’s right, I said vendor. Talent acquisition leaders like you are consolidating vendors, focusing more on data-driven decision making and looking for an agile technology partner, thus moving toward one purpose-built platform like a Recruitment Marketing Platform for their talent acquisition strategy. As much fun as it is to check a box as you evaluate features, it won’t help you understand the big-picture essentials you need to make sure your organization thrives now and in the future. It’s time to start asking the right questions. Here are three pivotal ones – and why they’re important in determining if your current or future technology is the right long-term match for you.

  1. Do you provide a “personalized candidate experience” on the career site, as well as on landing pages, in email campaigns and throughout the candidate journey? Plenty of vendors say they provide a personalized candidate experience, but it’s most likely limited to the career site and jobs. A truly personalized experience starts at the point of attraction and continues all the way through research, application, interview and hire. Be sure to take a look at the vendor’s examples to understand what they really offer.
  2. How does your technology track source of hire and source of influence? Ask to see the dashboard your team will use. If it doesn’t make sense or they can’t show you, run. No matter where you market or source a candidate from, your vendor should help you centrally track in real time the sources that provide the best ROI and quality hires. If you can’t accurately track source of hire and influence, how can you effectively measure how well your tactics (and budget) are working for you? (HINT: You can’t.)
  3. How does your technology use recruiting automation for candidate lead generation and job marketing? Your platform should work like an engine that continuously markets your jobs and nurtures your leads, converting them into applicants. Make sure your technology is constantly working for you, sending candidate leads consistent brand communication and timely reminders to complete their application.

It’s time to really get to know your recruiting software. Get even more match-making questions in our easy-to-read, quick reference guide. It’s loaded with 12 more ways to ensure you’ve found the right technology vendor. It might not help you find your dream home or get a date, but it will ensure that your technology partner is agile and effective for your organization’s long-term needs. And that’s a match made in heaven.

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