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Happy New Year all you talent acquisition powerhouses. To add to your arsenal of tips, ideas and perspectives to make 2017 a better, stronger year, take a look at what we’ve been reading since the first of the year.


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Referrals can reduce voluntary attrition, increase time to find and fill and increase retention. Um, sign us up. Actually, sign your employees up. We partnered with Glassdoor on this guide to a more strategic, successful referral program.


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Tips for Selecting the Best Recruiting Technologies by Will Staney (@willstaney)

Agree with these 7 core functionalities of the best recruiting technologies from Will, including one of our favorites, scalability. In such a fast-paced world, where candidates, market trends and business goals change constantly, the ability of a technology platform to be agile and to grow with your organization is pivotal.


7 Core Truths That Evolved in 2016 and How They Will Impact 2017 by Marvin Smith (@talentcommunity)

Marvin’s perspective is gold. If you only get to the first two core truths, one foundational aspect of talent acquisition for 2017 is evident: a database of your own, interested leads that only you can source from. Take notes on this post.


How Female Only Job Boards Can Promote Diversity in Tech by Laurence Bradford (@learncodewithme)

“You have to actively recruit in diverse ways if you want to fill your pipeline with diverse candidates. [Companies are] coming to us because they want to get in front of a curated list of women.” Truth from the founder of Hire Tech Ladies, Allison Esposito.


More Than Science: How Storytelling Transformed Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Employer Brand by HR Open Source (@HROpenSource)

I saw Thermo Fisher’s excellent storytelling communicate its employer brand at SmashFly Transform in November of last year. Really excited for this case study in HR Open Source, as Charlotte Marshall and her team are really pushing the idea of “employee stories” beyond testimonials; they’re making them living, breathing, emotional journeys.


The Hiring Secrets of Top CEOs by Yana Yelina (@yana_yelina)

How, and why, do Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson really hire talent? Read on.

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