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Friday is here – and so is this roundup of the best talent acquisition articles we read this week. If you’re looking for industry trends, recruiting tips and recruitment marketing best practices, we’ve got your back!


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Ever wonder how well the Fortune 500 use Recruitment Marketing? Well, wonder no more. This report provides a view into which best-practice marketing principles are being used by the largest recruiting organizations, which practices are emerging and which are largely untapped. To find out which companies made the grade and get tips to gain a competitive advantage in the race for top talent, download the 2016 Recruitment Marketing Report Card.


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5 Workforce Management Trends to Watch in 2017 by Sharon Florentine (@MyShar0na)

“Organizations will focus on strengthening relationships between their workers and managers, leveraging data to improve engagement, and lowering attrition and demand more from their technology solutions.” Find out what to expect and what you can do about it in the year ahead.


Recruitment Marketing: A How-To Guide For Innovative Recruiters by Ji-A Min (@ji_amin)

In need of a little Recruitment Marketing 101 (you know, for a “friend”)? This article does a great job of defining key terms, providing main strategies and giving you KPIs to measure success.


It’s Not the Skills Gap: Why So Many Jobs Are Going Unfilled by Sophie Quinton (@squinton_states)

So many jobs and not enough people to fill them. The usual explanation: “Too few Americans have the right skills for the openings.” Simple, right? Perhaps, not so much. This is a good read on the other factors that hold back hiring and an explanation on why it’s so much more complicated than just a skills gap.


The Business Impact of Candidate Experience by Kevin Grossman (@KevinWGrossman)

Candidates (both internal and external) should be the primary customer of recruiting – not the hiring manager, executive manager, or other recruiting peers and colleagues. Why? Because 41% of job seekers – not just finalists and hires – reported that a negative candidate experience resulted in them taking their personal or professional business elsewhere. Chew on that.


5 Steps for Preventing Recruiter Burnout by Tim Sackett (@TimSackett)

Recruiting is hard and the struggle is real. Tim Sackett gets that. Which is why he put together five recommendations to leaders like you to solve “Recruiter Burnout.” You’re welcome.

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