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Last week, I was in a serious #SRSC trance, getting all the Twitter goodness from afar. (You can see the Storify I created here). This week, I was back to finding the most interesting and eye-opening articles in recruitment marketing and talent acquisition. There are some GREAT reads here. Enjoy, and take notes.


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At the start of every year, all the trends and statistics come out. Baby boomers are retiring at a drastic rate. More employers are looking to contractors to fill their reqs. Millennials are reshaping expectations about when, where and how they work. It’s a turning point for talent acquisition and business in the way they think about hiring the right people. The right technology can help them build relationships with the right people earlier and grow with their business as these trends and challenges change.


Articles of the Week

A New Wave of HR Technology Consolidation Begins by Josh Bersin (@Josh_Bersin)

“As a buyer or user of HR technology, my advice is simple: take the time to learn the market well, evaluate any potential tool carefully, talk to references, and move ahead unafraid to experiment.” Proud to be mentioned in this fast-growing company list by Josh Bersin, and excited to see the innovation and agility of the HR and TA tech markets this year.


My Name is Not Candidate by Derek Zeller (@Derdiver)

Wow. This one caught my attention. I’m not even going to give you a preview, just read it.


The financial value of finding purpose at work


Why Recruitment Marketing Just Might Be Talent Acquisition’s Savior by Adam Glassman (@aglass99)

Love seeing a “recruiting funnel” in this post, as SmashFly has a similar perspective on the role of recruitment marketing in expanding and qualifying who makes it through this funnel. Adam also outlines 9 components of recruitment marketing, including employer branding, lead capture and lead nurture. Right on.


Underutilized Recruitment Marketing Tactics by China Gorman (@ChinaGorman)

China took a look at data from SmashFly’s just-released Recruitment Marketing Report Card for the 2016 Fortune 500 and highlighted the biggest opportunities for companies to gain a competitive edge in attracting the right people.

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