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You love them, you love them not. You love them, you love them not. Valentine’s Day really takes a toll on the hearts and minds in relationship limbo.

You’ve been together long enough that the voice of doubt inside you is getting louder. Can you really go on like this? You’re not getting along, you’re not sure what they’re up to, they’re not returning your texts like the early days, and you can’t help but wonder where this is going and whether it’s all worth it.

No, I’m not talking about your personal life (and I’m sorry if that sounds at all familiar!) – I’m talking about your recruitment marketing agency. Recruitment marketing agencies can be great at creative, media buying and strategy (we know from our partners!), but at technology … not so much. Using a recruitment marketing agency that holds the keys to your technology, your brand assets, your career site, your leads and your data … really just feels like they’re using you. Little collaboration and visibility, slow turnaround times, endless additional costs and a gaping hole where solid recruitment metrics and ROI should be. Sound familiar? Where’s the you in that?

And 2017 is the year of YOU! It’s time to focus on your needs, your business, your team, your growth, your future. You can’t be tied down right now, putting everything into an agency that doesn’t give you value back, make you better, build you up. You control your own destiny.

But breaking up is hard to do. Especially when you’re worried of being nickled-and-dimed to rehost your career site, migrate your talent network leads and applicants, and export all of your data they’ve been storing. They do have so much, after all. And you’ve invested so much already. Maybe it’s just easier to stay with them. Lesser of two evils. See where it goes. It could get better, right? They could improve their technology. They could move faster. They could compromise on the costs for every career site change, new landing page, additional report. Maybe they’ll open up, being willing to change.

Or maybe you can be bold – put your foot down and use one of the tried-and-true break-up lines that have worked since the dawn of time:


“I need my space.”

Sometimes, you just need some time to think on your own. And at this point, “I need my space” really might mean “there’s too much space between us.” Unanswered emails. No status updates on projects or quick changes. Weeks gone by without reporting or insights. What is happening over there? What are you paying for? Where’s the partnership in silence and space? If they want space, that’s exactly what you’ll give them. Space for you and your team to regroup, restrategize and figure out the best plan and partner to hire better and faster in 2017.


“We are at very different points in our life right now.”

Ain’t that the truth. You started off in the same place, a year ago, two years ago. You thought you had the same outlook on life and the future (… or recruitment marketing goals, talent acquisition strategy and measuring ROI.) What you realized is that a recruitment marketing agency isn’t the optimal partner for technology. You’re at a point where you need ownership and results, and without owning your technology and data in-house, you’re not able to give your Board, your CEO and your team what they need to make better decisions and better-fit hires.


“It’s not you, it’s me.”

Your feelings (and needs) have simply changed. You’re a different person now: a talent acquisition leader who demands a seat at the table, a recruitment marketing champion who wants to change the way your organization finds, attract and hires top talent ahead of your competition. You have more to prove, and you need more from your dollars. You also have a better grasp on what you actually need: to build expertise in-house and measure what’s working and what’s not. You’ve changed – goodbye old you!


“We should see other people.”

Or you’ve already found someone else. At the very least, you know the “other people” you’re looking to see: a recruitment marketing platform. Software built to find, engage and nurture the right people who fit your organization, then help you convert those quality people through the art and science of recruitment marketing. Software that allows you to see, with complete visibility, what’s working in your strategy and what’s not, then gives you the flexibility to make changes on the fly. Software that empowers you to be you (a talent acquisition badass) – and gives you what you need (accurate, reliable data and insight) to make you and the people around you better.


History is on your side – one of these always works (you know from previous experience). Take your pick, get on with your life and surround yourself with the right creative and technology partners that make you happy – and your organization successful.

*SmashFly currently partners with recruitment marketing agencies HireClix and KRT.

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