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So much to read this week, it was hard to choose just five picks! From employer brand and social media to trends in initiative hiring and the future of the workplace, I’ve rounded up the recruitment marketing and talent acquisition articles, content and tweets that the SmashFly team has been reading this week. I even included some writing tips … because who doesn’t need a Friday refresher?


Content of the Week


The best career sites blend elements of art and science to create a brand-led destination that inspires action from interested candidates. This lookbook highlights three companies’ career sites that are both beautiful and effective in converting candidates into applicants.


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Articles of the Week

Facebook Wants to Help You Find or Fill a Job by Barb Darrow (@gigabarb)

Facebook hopes to be a destination for more than cat videos and old high school drama. The social media giant just announced it will allow companies to post jobs on its platform. This, coupled with the recent acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft, makes the future of traditional social recruiting – and the amount of money companies invest in it – unclear.


The Competition Starts Early – Why Recruiters Need To Start Recruiting Early by Will Staney (@willstaney)

Being a recent grad myself, memories of career fairs and in-class presentations by recruiters are not so distant. When the time came for me to send out resumes, I started with companies I had engaged with – these were the places I wanted to work the most. It’s interesting to see that focus moving from seniors to juniors, and even sophomores as time goes on. This is a great read for anyone looking to start or refresh their campus recruiting programs.


The Future of Work Is Going Freelance by China Gorman (@ChinaGorman)

This is a topic we’ve been thinking about a lot here at SmashFly. We call it Generation Why, and it includes everyone in the workforce. People today have different expectations of how, when, where, and with whom they work. The rise of the gig economy furthers the idea that people want to work on their own terms, and companies are going to have to adapt.


5 Writing Techniques that Stir Your Audience to Action by Brian Clark (@brianclark)

Any type of business writing is only as good as the action it provokes. The same is true of your job postings. Check out these five writing tips that will help you craft a brand-led message that invokes emotion and drives candidates to apply for your jobs.


The Single Point of Failure in Your Candidate Experience by Tim Sackett (@TimSackett)

“In 2016, 47 percent of candidates were still waiting to hear back from employers more than two months after they applied.” What?! Still? The latest CandE research has another year of eye-opening data, and Tim Sackett’s post hits the nail on the head when it comes to simply not responding to candidates, at all. Let’s fix this. 

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