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Happy Friday! Lots of great articles this week – from employer brand to initiative hiring strategies to the differences between sourcing and recruiting – I’ve set you up for some good reads to ease your way into the weekend. Check it out!


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Today’s workforce has a variety of opinions on when, where, how and for whom they work. We call this Generation Why, and to win them over, you’re going to need to personalize your candidate experience. Our brand new lookbook showcases how Intel, Lockheed Martin and Fiserv craft candidate experiences relevant to individuals.


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Articles of the Week

“What if Female Scientists Were Celebrities?” GE Says It Will Place 20,000 Women in Technical Roles by 2020 by Lara O’Reilly @larakiara

GE has launched itself into the fight to close the gender gap by committing to hire 20,000 women for technical roles by 2020. In addition, it plans to achieve 50-50 gender representation in its entry-level technical programs. How will they do it? Spoiler alert: personalized recruiting. (P.S. If you haven’t seen the related television ad, this one’s a must-read.) And have you seen the company’s Instagram campaign around this initiative? They’re doing creative stuff over at GE.


What Makes it so Hard to Get Recruitment Right at a Scale-up? By Heidi Scrimgeour @heidiscrim

This article touches on the recruiting challenges small, growing businesses face – but really, the tips here to make a quick, amazing hire are relevant for every business. Whether a start-up or an enterprise organization, the cost of a (or more than one) bad hire means wasted money, resources, time and efficiency. I loved the part about hiring people who share your organization’s passion. As people’s attitudes towards work continue to shift, hiring people who share in the purpose of your company is a great way to ensure you’re bringing in the right-fit folks.


How P&G’s Recruiting Team Embraced Marketing and Started Operating Like a Brand by Keenan Steiner @KeenanSteiner

Procter & Gamble is a brand-building powerhouse, and now that means their employer brand as well. P&G plans to lead with brand instead of jobs to attract experienced talent to complement their mainly campus-centric recruiting program.


How Should We Break Up Sourcing and Recruiting? By Tim Sackett @TimSackett

Are you pushing your sourcers to be as productive as they can be? Or are they sourcing for easy-to-fill positions and letting recruiters pick up the slack? Tim Sackett explains why sourcing and recruiting are so intertwined, and we should draw the line between the two disciplines.


Contracted: The End of Employees by Lauren Weber @laurenweberWSJ

In an effort to cut costs, major companies are moving toward contracting for their core business functions. This trend paired with the continued rise of the gig economy – people choosing to work either for themselves or for a company on a project basis – could mean the job market will be much different in ten years than it is now.  Less job security could mean workers will find themselves in the job market more frequently. Interesting read. (Note: Subscription may be required).

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