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This is a big moment for talent acquisition technology – and for recruitment marketers.

For the first time, there is a definitive analyst report on Recruitment Marketing Platforms : Aptitude Research Partners’ 2017 Recruitment Marketing Index.

This report succeeds in three very important areas:

  1. It defines 10 core features that are required for a product to be considered a Recruitment Marketing Platform,
  2. It assesses the nine vendors that qualify, and
  3. It provides clarity for buyers seeking technology to improve how they attract and engage candidates.


Path to Recruitment Marketing Platforms

At SmashFly, we’ve been pioneering the need for purpose-built technology to manage the top of the recruiting funnel for the last 10 years. We’ve long known that the ATS was built for managing applicants, not for capturing and nurturing candidates who aren’t ready to apply, but who are interested in connecting with an employer. This is why SmashFly created the Recruitment Marketing Platform–software that can automate, manage and measure every recruiting strategy and tactic to generate leads and convert them into applicants and ultimately new hires.

It’s a new way of thinking – that talent acquisition is more than filling jobs today ; it’s also about building relationships between brands and people in order to ensure right-fit hires and long-term business success. And with a new way of thinking, there is always discussion, debate and, inevitably, confusion. Not just around the most effective Recruitment Marketing practices, but also what technology can best support a modern Recruitment Marketing strategy.

The discussion, the debate, the sharing of best practices, the increase in vendor choices, the innovations in technology – all of these factors can advance the talent acquisition industry towards break-throughs and better results. But if the industry doesn’t converge on a solution forward, especially in technology, it will lead to uncertainty and a fear of departing from the status quo. And that leave our entire HR profession stagnant.


The 2017 Recruitment Marketing Index: Criteria and Clarity

This is why Aptitude’s 2017 Recruitment Marketing Index report comes at such a critical time in the development of Recruitment Marketing Platforms. It’s a vendor-agnostic guide to understanding the business benefits that a Recruitment Marketing Platform provides – and how to evaluate the providers. Aptitude Research Partners’ Madeline Laurano, the report’s author, is one of the most respected analysts in our industry and has become a true authority on recruitment marketing technology.

This report:

  • Provides a standard definition of what capabilities a Recruitment Marketing Platform offers: Career Sites, Content Management, SEO, Talent Networks, Employer Branding, Event Management, Campaigns, Job Distribution, CRM and Analytics
  • Helps talent acquisition leaders match their recruiting challenges to the right technology for their unique needs
  • Enables recruitment marketers and employment brand leaders to build a business case for investing in software beyond the ATS
  • Includes assessments of Recruitment Marketing Platform providers across various criteria, including capabilities, product leadership, service and ecosystem support.


The benefit to buyers is the ability to compare apples to apples when evaluating providers, and gain greater confidence in their purchasing decision.

I’m so excited about SmashFly’s inclusion as one of the nine vendors to qualify as a true Recruitment Marketing Platform (with all 10 of the required capabilities!). But I’m more excited for the report’s impact on modernizing recruiting: to guide buyers in adding a Recruitment Marketing Platform to their HR technology stack, and to help transform talent acquisition into a brand-led, relationship-based and data-driven business function.

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