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This week I talked to SmashFly Product Expert Debbie Tuel to discuss personalization and its impact on delivering better experiences for candidates. We discuss Debbie’s journey to the talent acquisition technology industry (1:40), the evolution of talent acquisition (5:05), the importance of agility in business success (7:30), personalization the buzzword (10:15), the pitfalls of personalization (11:50), Debbie’s journey to SmashFly (14:17), best places to start with personalization (17:26), starting small by targeting certain candidate audiences (20:36), where you can find content for personalization with example of PwC (24:25), the need for technology to measure (25:40), not fearing the unsubscribes (26:58), the future of personalization (29:28), sales apology for buzzwords (32:30), and the fallacy of the Amazon experience as the goal (33:00).


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