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It’s Friday, which means more of our favorite reads of late. From the release of Aptitude’s Recruitment Marketing Index to SourceCon to articles on AI and finding your “why” at work, there’s a ton to read this week. Enjoy!


Content of the Week

In the latest report from Aptitude Research Partners, Madeline Laurano defines and clarifies the Recruitment Marketing Platform category. The first-of-its-kind report outlines the criteria of a Recruitment Marketing Platform and identifies 9 key vendors.

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Articles of the Week

Talent Acquisition Leaders: Why You Need to Talk with IT Right Now by Jason Seiden @Seiden
As the recruitment marketing discipline continues to grow, justifying the spend on a large-scale technology solution can be a challenge. Jason Seiden explains why spending more on the right technology up front can lead to huge savings down the line. Also included: strategies for getting IT and Procurement on your side.

Recruiting Technology: Evolve or Die– Automation vs. AI by Madhu Modugu @MModugu
It’s time to evolve or die, says Madhu. Scared yet? Madhu brings up interesting points about how technology can fit into the job search, something inherently so human and personal. I agree: you’ll need both artificial intelligence and human intelligence to thrive in the future. Technology will never do EVERYTHING for you, but how do you use it to become more efficient and effective?

Everybody’s Working for the Weekday by Stefanie Flaxman @StefanieFlaxman
This article stuck out to me because I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to it. “Personal goals can fuel business goals.” What is your “why” when you wake up in the morning? Can you fuel it through work? Or is it confined to the weekend? People today want more from their jobs. They’re looking for careers, workplaces and schedules that align with their purpose outside of work.

It Takes a Lot of Luck For Anyone to Really Win With an Online Job Ad by John Hollon @johnhollon
Job ads are a staple tactic for many recruiters, but it’s also a firehose for quantity, not quality. John Hollon shares his experiences, good and bad, with job ads and explains why luck is the only way you’ll make a successful hire with them. Today’s candidates want to be reached through channels they prefer, and they seek more than just a job. Making a hire with just a job ad is a classic case of one-size-fits-all being one-size-fits-none. (Hear more on “advertising last” from Tracey Parsons.)

The 4 Best Recruiting Software Innovations You Should Know About by Ji-A Min @ji_amin
Staying in theme with Aptitude’s Recruitment Marketing Index, recruitment marketing software purpose-built for finding, attracting and nurturing people throughout the entire recruitment funnel makes Ji-A Min’s list of innovative software programs in talent acquisition.

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