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This week I spoke to industry expert Martin Burns, Strategic Consulting Leader at HireClix, and previously U.S. Recruiting Technology Leader at PwC. Check out his latest guest blog post about a decade in recruiting technology here.

We talked about: Martin’s upbringing and his degree in poetry (2:30), how he got into recruiting (3:54), his experience in agency recruiting (4:45), corporate recruiting at ZoomInfo (6:50), using guerrilla marketing tactics to recruit (8:00), my story about Martin from a friend (9:00), his experience in working for a large global organization (11:30), lessons learned from his agency perspective (16:05), running an RFP process (18:25), cutting through the noise for recruiting technology research and selection (22:07), trying out technology as a consumer for existing customers (25:16), how implementation of technology is just as important as selection (27:07), recommendations on how to best adopt technology once you buy it (29:30), the importance of choosing leaders and owners for your technology in your stack (32:08), the importance of answering “why” when asking teams to change (34:00), how agencies and technology providers work together for the common good (35:40), buzzwords, maturity and trends in HCM (42:00) and a few people and sites to follow and read in talent acquisition (46:50).

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