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If you didn’t see the ERE article, GE’s Global Employment Branding Leader, Shaunda Zilich (@shaunda), is having a moment. Lucky for me, I talked with her one-on-one for the latest episode of the Transform Recruitment Marketing Podcast.

Our conversation covered: Shaunda’s background with performance motorcycles (2:00), getting into social media recruiting at GE (5:10), building employment brand with little to no budget (7:25), not getting distracted by shiny new technology (11:29), repurposing content that marketing creates (12:38), the value of showing how you can help marketing (14:40), helping employees find their why (16:30), activating your employment brand along the candidate journey (19:27), a pull vs. push approach in recruiting (21:22), the three buckets of metrics she uses to determine success and optimization (24:00), technology to help us drive strategy (29:20), crazy email marketing conversion rates that impress the marketing team (32:00), differentiating GE to candidates in the global innovation space (32:25), how listening to your candidates is crucial to change (39:10), what Shaunda reads and how she stays ahead (40:47), how AI and machine learning will help us be more efficient (44:20) and what’s coming next for Shaunda (45:00).

See Shaunda’s Transform session here (plus all the sessions from the conference).

Join the Transform Recruitment Marketing Facebook Group, of which she is an admin with Tim Sackett.

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