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Happy Friday! Lots of great stuff this week, with tons of recruitment marketing articles you should read and share. We released our Transform Conference eBook (yes, check this one out), and I rounded up some great reads on a range of topics, including hourly hiring, employer brand, diversity & more. Enjoy!


Content of the Week

Content of the week april 5

Long live the Transform inspiration. This eBook is chock-full of actionable tips and takeaways from the expert speakers of the first-ever Recruitment Marketing conference, #TransformRM. Read it over the weekend and come in on Monday ready to mix things up!


Tweets of the Week

Articles of the Week

The New Brutal Reality of Hourly Hiring by Tim Sackett @TimSackett

With major growth, high turnover and a surplus of open positions, hourly hiring is becoming a real challenge for organizations. Tim Sackett sheds light on the underlying issues complicating hourly hiring and shares tips for attracting and hiring the best of the best hourly workers.


The War for Talent is Over, and Everyone Lost by Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic @drtcp & Adam Yearsley

Ever since the term “War for Talent” was coined by McKinsey in 1998, companies have been fighting to attract and hire the right-fit, talented workers. These authors think organizations have done nothing but alienate them. This article touches on a lot of trends we’ve been focusing on at SmashFly: an increase in passive candidates open to a “better” opportunity, the rise of the gig economy and new ways people work, and the expectation that work should be more than just a job.


5 Ways Startups Can Boost Employer Brand Without Breaking the Bank by Katie Belding @katiebelding

I think a lot of people have a preconceived notion that recruitment marketing has to be expensive. That’s why I love articles that show how effective cheap or free tactics can be in attracting and recruiting top talent. Katie Beldings’s list is a great place for anyone looking to begin recruitment marketing or add something different to their current mix. Although the article references startups in particular, these 5 tips can be put into practice at any organization.


Career Lessons from Shaunda Zilich: Find Your “Why” by Desda Moss

If you haven’t had a chance to get to know GE’s Global Employment Brand Leader Shaunda Zilich through some of SmashFly’s webinars, podcasts or Transform Conference, this is your chance. In this interview with Desda Moss, Shaunda talks about the importance of loving what you do and how her current role allows her to connect people with jobs that fit their purpose.


Diversity & Inclusion Predictions for 2017 by Joelle Emerson

Diversity & inclusion are consistent initiatives in HR, but where do we stand in 2017, and how will we truly start improving how we attract and retain key candidates? From people analytics to a sense of belonging at work and more, Joelle Emerson shares the themes she thinks will dominate conversations and initiatives around diversity and inclusion this year.

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