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In this episode, I talk to George Larocque (@glarocque), Principal Analyst at LAROCQUE and HRWins.

Our conversation covered: George and his story growing up (2:20), his journey to HCM in the early days of recruiting tech (6:00), the boom of taking recruiting to the web with job boards, ATS and RPO (14:00), key technology trends in recruitment & HR (17:00), what pains he hears most from practitioners (23:37), how the role of technology is impacting future strategies (31:20), tips for when you are looking to buy HR techology in a complex market (37:50), strategic services as part of technology purchase (44:37), AI and how it impacts recruiting practitioners (49:50), how to remain current in the HR tech space (57:00) and how you can connect with George (1:00:35).

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