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In this episode, I talk to my colleague Elyse Mayer (@ElyseSchmidt), Recruitment Marketing expert and Content Marketing Manager at SmashFly, on her perspective of lead nurture in recruiting.

Our conversation covered: Elyse growing up and her love of book reports (2:50), her journey to content marketing (5:20), learning HCM and how marketing can impact it (10:00), the transformation happening in recruiting and recruitment marketing (13:10), why lead nurture may be more important in recruiting than marketing (17:00), how to get started with lead nurture in recruiting (20:25), personalization and how it fits into lead nurturing (25:50), why automation doesn’t need to mean “impersonal” (29:50), the people ans blogs she follows (32:00) and how to connect with Elyse (37:50).

As mentioned by Elyse, here are some lists of Twitter profiles to follow: twitter.com/SmashFly/lists

You can read Elyse’s articles and perspectives on the SmashFly Blog: blog.smashfly.com/

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