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Think about all the contacts you’ve gathered, connections you’ve made, applications you’ve received and silver medalists passed on in the last year of recruiting. What about the last 5 years?

That’s a lot of potential hires for your organization – people who already showed an immense interest in your company. They’re leads. Leads that are likely sitting in your ATS, your CRM, your agency’s technology, your recruiters’ spreadsheets or desk drawers or LinkedIn InMail. Leads that you can’t systematically communicate to in personalized, measureable way. Leads that you’ve paid to attract at one point, but then never re-engaged. Untouched leads that equal dollars, and talent, lost.


Nestle Purina’s Story  

Nestle Purina made the decision that their thousands of leads weren’t going to be lost. Instead, they were going to be viable, re-engaged candidates and hires. A company that’s always looking for new ways to improve their talent acquisition function and lead the competition, Nestle Purina wanted to match their forward-thinking recruitment marketing vision with a strategic technology partner who could help them accelerate and measure a personalized lead nurture strategy. 

The company initially sought a CRM to add to their recruiting arsenal, but after an introduction to SmashFly, soon realized that a Recruitment Marketing Platform had more long-term benefits, especially in analytics and partnership.

“We always seek analytics. As far as we could tell from our research, SmashFly was the only tool that integrated with Taleo to track source to hire metrics, which is like lightning in a bottle for our team. At the end of the candidate journey, you can see ROI, and at the beginning of the candidate journey, you can see actual behaviors and actions that help us understand more about the candidate’s zero moment of truth.”


Working With SmashFly

Working with SmashFly’s platform and services, the Purina team focused initially on the Nurture & Convert stages of their recruitment marketing funnel, thinking through how they could utilize and nurture all of the candidate leads and applicants they’d generated with their marketing efforts across multiple channels for the past few years.

The teams outlined clear goals for the candidate nurture strategy:

  1. Talking consistently to their candidate database
  2. Building more complete candidate profiles
  3. Generating interest, action and applications
  4. Putting a science to content and messaging


The Results

Among key initiatives like migrating thousands of contacts into the SmashFly CRM, implementing a new talent network form and creating a candidate journey map, Purina launched a successful careers newsletter, with the help of its agency HereFish and SmashFly’s services team.

The first newsletter, sent from the SmashFly platform to a talent network of 500,000 leads Nestle Purina had already paid to attract, saw:

  • 26% open rate
  • 7% click-through rate
  • 847 applicants
  • 4 hires

To get the full story, plus the key initiatives and other results, of how Nestle Purina and SmashFly worked together to create an effective lead nurture strategy, get the case study.

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