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Friday’s finally here! And there’s been a ton going on in recruiting this week. I’ve compiled some great reads on purpose, passive candidates, employer brand, social recruiting and more. Plus, check out this week’s featured content: SmashFly and partners Entelo, HireVue and Cornerstone OnDemand are hosting a stellar virtual event early next week that you won’t want to miss.


Content of the Week

4.21 Content of the Week

We’re mixing it up this week with some virtual content. Join us Tuesday for Talent of Tomorrow, a free, one-day virtual event where talent leaders from across the nation will address the challenges facing recruiting today: the growth of the gig economy, widening skills gap, rapid retirement of baby boomers and candidates’ changing expectations of work. Tune in when you can throughout the day!

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Articles of the Week

Are You Developing Purpose-Driven Leaders? by Aaron Hurst @Aaron_Hurst

We talk a lot about finding employees that share in your company’s purpose. But, what about the people leading your teams? Talent of Tomorrow keynote speaker Aaron Hurst talks about how organizations can spot purpose-driven leaders and help further develop their leadership style.


Facing a Shortage of Applicants? Losing Applicants Explained With 5 Ugly Numbers by Dr. John Sullivan @DrJohnSullivan

If you ever needed a crash course on how NOT to get people to apply for your jobs, consider this it. From long applications to a lack of mobile apply and more, Dr. John Sullivan walks through 5 common practices that are driving qualified talent away from your career site, backed with tons of exceptional data points. Check the list and make sure you aren’t an offender.


How I Hired My Newest Employee Before She Even Started Her Job Search by Kevin Nothnagel @nothnagel

Passive candidates—this elusive bunch dominates a lot of recruiting talk. But who are they and how can we attract them? By building a relationship ahead of when they are looking for a job, and perhaps even when your organization needs the job filled. Kevin Nothnagel shares his firsthand experience recruiting a passive candidate and how these unique job seekers play into the larger talent acquisition landscape.


Corporate Social Good Reaches Beyond Employer Brand by Jessica Miller-Merrell @jmillermerrell

This is an awesome read that illustrates Generation Why perfectly. People today want more out of their jobs. They want to work with companies that share in their purpose. For a lot of people, that comes down to having the opportunity to volunteer or do good with the support of their employer. Between giving back to the community, fulfilling employees and bolstering your employer brand, it’s clear that social good programs are a total win-win-win.


8 Tips to Create a Successful Social Marketing Strategy in HR by Sharon Conwell

When building an authentic employer brand, turning to social media is the logical first step. But, before you turn your Twitter feed into a vortex of job postings, read these 8 tips from Sharon Conwell in her guest post on Undercover Recruiter.

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