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Happy Friday, or should I say, happy Cinco de Mayo! Before you head out to celebrate, check out these recruitment marketing articles on employer brand, cultural fit in the workplace, diversity initiatives & more.


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Source of Influence

Did you know that the average person consults up to 18 sources before deciding to apply for a job? That’s before they likely EVER talk to someone at your organization. With that many opportunities for influence, you need to be tracking more than just source of application. SmashFly & Glassdoor’s Guide to Source of Influence explains how and why to measure every touchpoint in the candidate journey.

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3 Steps to Improving Your Cultural Fit Hiring by Miranda Nicholson

Finding people who have the skills and experience needed to perform well in a position is a challenge today, with high competition and a widening skills gap. But even harder is finding someone who has those traits and also fits in with your company’s culture and aligns with your purpose. Miranda shares 3 pieces of advice to help ensure that you’re engaging and hiring best-fit candidates.


Busting the 7 Biggest Employer Brand Myths of All Time by James Ellis @thewarfortalent

Although you can do a lot to alter peoples’ perceptions of your employer brand, at the end of the day, your employer brand is an organic element that changes and grows on its own. It transcends your social media accounts and career site. It includes everything from the products you sell to the real day-to-day experiences of your employees. This article is a great reminder that in today’s digital-driven and review-crazed world, companies can’t always control every aspect of their employer brands.


The New Definition of “Passive Candidate” by Tim Sackett @TimSackett

These days, it seems like everyone’s after passive candidates (the large majority of people in work are always open to a better opportunity). But is that candidate you found on LinkedIn actually passive? Or has he actually applied to a dozen jobs in the last week, and simply hasn’t come across your posting yet? Fistful of Talent’s Tim Sackett explores the difference between these two scenarios and explains what a true passive candidate looks like.


HP Continues Diversity Push with Promise to Fight Bias in Its Hiring by Adrienne Pasquarelli @SheLikesToShop

In HP’s new spot, the company makes a powerful commitment to eliminate subconscious bias in its recruiting process. This is the latest example of a company making a public pledge to diversity and initiative hiring. You may recall GE’s recent campaign featuring Millie Dresselhaus to promote their promise to place 20,000 women in STEM roles by 2020. Similarly, Intel has invested $300 million to support its goal of full representation of women and underrepresented minorities by 2020. I love seeing companies using their voices for good (and we’ve been seeing some incredibly emotional advertisements out of it, too!)


How to Attract and Retain Millennial Talent by Alice Liang @aliang308

As a millennial, a majority of the things said in this article resonated with me. I actually caught myself subconsciously nodding in affirmation with Alice Liang’s descriptions of what millennials want out of work. But the more I read, the more I started thinking about other generations. “Surely, Baby Boomers want the same thing, right?” This article illustrates an attitudinal shift in expectations of work we at SmashFly have coined: Generation Why. People today want more out of work. Whether millennials wanting regular feedback or Gen X-ers wanting flexible schedules that allow them to pick up their kids from school, the idea that work is more than just a job is one that transcends generations.

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