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Happy Friday, Recruitment Marketing fam! We’ve been enjoying a taste of summer here in Boston, and I’m looking forward to a weekend spent almost entirely outside. In the meantime, I’ve compiled my favorite talent acquisition articles of late here: employer branding, career sites, candidate experience, and a crazy vision for the future of the workplace. Check these out before you log off for a weekend in the sun!


Content of the Week

Building a Business Case for RMP 2

Prepare to be mind-blown: Companies with a recruitment marketing platform are 3X more likely to have quality of hire above competitive benchmarks than companies without one. In the just-released Business Case Template from Aptitude Research Partners, Madeline Laurano clarifies what a true recruitment marketing platform is and the value it can bring to your business. In it, you’ll find a cost savings breakdown, as well as a risk/reward analysis of various recruiting technologies.

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Articles of the Week

Why People Will Always Matter in Recruiting by Maren Hogan

Talent acquisition is something of a dichotomy at the moment. At the same time that AI and automation are innovating the industry, candidates are expecting the personalized attention and engagement only a human can provide. So, how can we blend state-of-the-art technology with the warm interactions of a real person? That is the question Maren Hogan takes on in her article, where she explains that although the role of humans in talent acquisition may change, it will never be eliminated.


How an ‘Out of Office’ Can Amplify Your Talent Brand by Carmen Collins

I’ve loved the idea of using “out of office” emails to tout office culture since I heard it in a webinar a few months back. When it comes to employer brand content, it’s no secret that authenticity is key. It doesn’t get more authentic than encouraging employees to ditch the standard out of office email for something more creative. Take a look at some examples of this easy, inexpensive way to show off your company culture and exceptional people.


Remember That Your Candidates Are Also Influencers & Referrers by Tanya Williams

Recruiting, for obvious reasons, is so often focused on the person you will ultimately hire. The truth is, your candidate experience also impacts the talent you don’t end up hiring (and perhaps even more profoundly). Tanya Williams explains how in today’s talent acquisition environment, recruiters are becoming so hyper-focused on  filling the job req in front of them that they lose sight of how their interactions (or lack thereof) affect the larger employer brand and reputation.


If Your Career Site Could Talk, What Would It Say? by Jody Ordioni 

You only get to make a first impression once, and although candidates consult several sources of information throughout the job search, your career site is a hub of brand- and job-led content. In this article, Jody not only explains the importance of a dynamic career site, she outlines four guidelines for creating one that truly represents your company and your employer brand. The overall theme is authenticity: leveraging your career site to show what your company actually stands for and what it’s actually like to work there. Be. Real.


Hyperlocal Hiring by Tim Sackett

Any time Tim Sackett indulges his imagination, you know you’re in for a great post. This article made my weekly “must-read” list simply because it is fun, and I’m totally on board with Tim’s vision here. Imagine living within a mile or two of your workplace. Although theoretical, when it comes down to it, Tim’s imaginary Utopian society provides many of the things people are looking for in a job: community involvement, work-life balance and relationships with coworkers. Maybe this isn’t so far-fetched, after all.

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