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At SmashFly, people, purpose and potential fuel our business – in several ways.

  1. We’re a startup driven by bold people who think ahead. I started SmashFly in my home office in 2007, after leaving BrassRing to build recruiting software that marketed your employer brand and jobs to people long before they were ready to apply. Back then, our 10-person team ran as a close-knit, quasi-family, bold and eager enough to pave a new way (and at times, work in close proximity to my children). A decade later, we’re at 100+ employees – and with every year of growth, we strive to keep that culture of camaraderie. In a startup, everyone flies above the radar. Every person is hired with immense thought and purpose, because every person is vital to our “team comes first” culture.
  2. We partner with talent acquisition leaders and teams. SmashFly provides recruiting software to organizations. But really, our purpose is to solve the most pressing challenges of the people driving the organization – talent acquisition leaders, directors of employer brand and recruitment marketing, HR technologists and the C-suite. Investing in new technology is investing in a new way forward – it means adopting and pursuing a better way, challenging the status quo. And the agents of change are people – the customers we partner with every day to transform recruiting.
  3. Our technology helps those leaders and teams find and hire the right people. Talent acquisition is the business of people. And to be successful, it’s really the business of finding, hiring and retaining the right people. Connecting organizations and people through fit and purpose is what drives us to continuously improve our technology and embolden our perspective on Recruitment Marketing.

Through these three lenses – and backed by powerful third-party data (see Ernst Young Beacon Institute and Imperative) – we’ve found how pivotal it is to connect people, organizations and work through an aligned purpose. Equally as important, we’re amidst an attitudinal change in how people think about work: what they expect, why they work and who they work with. We’re calling it Generation Why. Across demographics, generations and industries, people (not just millennials!) are looking for a deeper connection to their employer and a role that can fuel their own purpose and goals in life.

Thus, we’ve shifted how we talk about our brand, technology and vision. Our new website reflects what we believe in, our vision for transforming talent acquisition, the value our Enterprise Recruitment Marketing Platform and Services delivers, and how we partner with our customers to ensure their success every step of the way.

SmashFly’s Why: We believe in the power of purpose and the potential that’s unleashed when people and organizations connect through it.


So what does connecting people and organizations through purpose mean to us?

It doesn’t mean that the purpose in someone’s life is necessarily the job they do. If it is, great. But for most people, it’s likely not. But where a person works, and who they work with, can be vital in achieving their purpose in life.

SmashFly believes that people and organizations should find a mutually beneficial connection that brings them together to propel their potential. When that connection and alignment exists, you achieve “fit.” Fit isn’t about assessment; it’s about choice. Today’s world of work must be about choosing to work together:

  1. The person first chooses the employer.
  2. The employer chooses to make an offer.
  3. The person chooses whether to accept that offer.

And this choice to work together goes on, until there is a reason for either party to make a different choice. When you hire with intent and for fit – not to fill a quota or take whatever comes your way – an aligned purpose will fuel not just work, but productivity, retention, happiness and success.


“Hire With Purpose”

Hiring with purpose seems like a given – but in an industry pressured to fill reqs faster and cheaper, the only outcome is lower quality. Greater turnover. Disengaged employees – or even worse, uninspired employees. And uninspired, unproductive people will send an organization toward decline.

So then how do we change, starting today?

  1. Lead with employer brand to align your company’s “why” with someone’s personal “why.”
  2. Build relationships earlier ahead of the need to fill a req or find a job; think right-time hiring, not just-in-time hiring.
  3. Use data to drive insight and make smarter decisions to find and attract the right-fit candidates, ensuring their candidate journey leads to you.

As a CEO, I believe wholeheartedly that hiring with purpose is the future of recruiting and the key to building a sustainable, successful business. And at SmashFly, we believe that recruitment marketing – through a brand-led, relationship-based, data-driven strategy – is how you hire with purpose: finding, attracting, nurturing and hiring the right people who fit your organization so that your business can innovate ahead of your competition and succeed long-term. We believe that technology is a partner in driving this transformation, but that it starts with a willingness to change your mindset and your strategy.

It starts with you.

Hire With Purpose

Hiring isn't about some abstract notion of better talent. It's not about hiring everyone you can, either. It's about connecting with people who fit. So how will you find those people?

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