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A short work week means Friday is already here! But fewer days doesn’t mean less learning: I have lots of recruitment marketing articles for you to read this weekend, from employer brand and workplace culture to the rise of the gig economy. I’m also bringing back one of my favorite pieces of SmashFly content ahead of Transform Virtual: The Transform Conference eBook. If you haven’t seen this one before, you have to check it out. Enjoy!


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In the spirit of Transform going virtual, I want to share 38 inspiring  recruitment marketing ideas from the last year’s Transform speakers. These ideas span four key stages of the recruitment marketing funnel: awareness, consideration, interest and conversion. Take a look, and get stoked for the first-ever virtual recruitment marketing conference on June 22!


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Articles of the Week

How to Spot a Company with Genuinely Happy Employees by Anna Johansson

Turns out, smiling employees could be an important part of your employer brand strategy. Authenticity is key in employer branding, and it’s hard to get more authentic than the genuine happiness (or lack thereof) of your employees. In her article, Anna Johansson lays out 6 concrete things candidates should be looking for when evaluating a potential employer. Check out her list and see how your company stacks up!


Kicking It Old School by Ed Baldwin

Sometimes, old school is cool. Like the return of vinyl records or a #throwbackthursday Instagram post. Other times, looking into the old days leaves us scratching our heads asking, “What was I thinking?” What will we think when we look at today’s recruiting practices 10, 20 or 50 years down the line? Ed Baldwin explores this idea, and actually discovers that some of the things we’re doing now are actually already behind the times in 2017.


4 Steps to a Company Career Site Makeover That Your Whole Team Will Be on Board With by Shahzad Ahsan

We all know that the career site is a critical touch point in the candidate journey—it’s an opportunity to tell your company’s story and showcase why a candidate should choose to work for you. But even still, an entire career site overhaul is quite the undertaking. It can be overwhelming, which means a lot of companies send up settling for the status quo. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! In his article, Shahzad Ahsan breaks down the process of a career site makeover into 4 easy-to-digest steps. So, take a deep breath, read this guide, and embark on the career site makeover you’ve been dreaming of.


Want to Recruit Great People? It Helps If You’re a Great Place to Work by John Hollon

In today’s talent acquisition landscape, employers are vying for a shrinking pool of qualified talent. So, what is the best way to beat the competition and attract high-quality candidates? John Hollon says a great culture is the simplest, most effective way to do just that. Great employees want to work alongside other top performers in a positive work environment. A great company culture not only gets people in the door to interview, it encourages them to accept a position and later, stay with the organization, which amplifies your employer brand. It’s a win at every stage of the candidate/employee journey.


The Rise of the Blended Workforce by Jamie Grant

There’s a lot of talk in talent acquisition about the fundamental changes happening in the workforce. One of the most talked about changes is the rise of the gig economy: more and more people are choosing to work on a freelance or contract basis. There are a lot of questions around how the gig economy will affect talent acquisition — will contract workers replace some permanent employees? How will we market jobs for temporary positions? How will contract workers fit into our workplace cultures? Jamie Grant has an interesting take on the gig economy in his latest piece, laying out how employers can support contract workers while still sticking to their corporate values and employer brand.

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