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This is a series of Transform speaker spotlights ahead of Transform Virtual June 22

Job Cred:

Started in marketing/communications (graphic design, editing, internal comms) and still uses those skills today, just for a different audience

Spent a few years as a digital strategist for a recruitment marketing agency

Currently Recruitment Strategies Manager at Alorica, a global customer service organization with more 100 locations across the globe

Focuses on how Alorica attracts more of the right people to its organization to generate applicants and better hires: from employer branding to career site to digital advertising to social media


Degree: Journalism/Communications


Marketing or Talent Acquisition:

It depends on how you describe talent acquisition. I see it as a blend of recruiting and marketing, so I have to say both. 


Describe yourself in 5 words: 

Laid-back, honest, passionate, curious and driven.


Why did you decide to speak at Transform?

I have explored some different vendors in the last few months and seen a change in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. In truth, I don’t think a lot of organizations have really done a good job in approaching our candidates as individuals in order to give them a great candidate experience from beginning to end. AI and personalization will help get us to that point, so it’s a topic I’m passionate about and interested in. 

Hear Adam’s session on 6/22: “Alexa, Find Me a Job: Emboldening the Talent Acquisition Experience with AI and Personalization”


AI in brief: 

We already have AI in our day-to- day lives: think Netflix and Amazon and the targeted relavance and personalization they deliver. If it isn’t up to par, we don’t want it. In some aspects, we may have parts of AI in our talent acquisition software, but it’s going to really explode in the next few years: technology will help organizations make the attraction, acquisition and hiring processes a smarter, better experience. 


Will robots take recruiters’ jobs?

You’ll have to listen to my session on June 22!


Brand that inspires you.

I’m really intrigued and inspired by any company that:

  1. Is actually making a positive change for a cause, initiative, etc.
  2. Knows their core values and beliefs and sticks to them, from marketing to branding to employer branding

In the past few years, there’s been a big shift in the way brands publicly message their perspective and stand up for what they believe in. Brands used to hide in the shadows during controversy; it was all about not offending anyone or turning anyone away. For example, Target was one of the first companies to advocate for transgender bathrooms. Whether you agree or not, they knew this was part of their core values as a brand, and they publicly took a stance. It probably turned some loyal Target shoppers away, but in the end, it likely increased the advocacy and respect for many more.

In employer branding, we’re just starting to see this true transparency come to the surface. With an employer brand, it’s much better to turn people away who aren’t the right fit.


Best or worst interview experience: 

I once had a recruiter reach out to me for a position; we had a good conversation, and she felt I was a match. She asked me to fill out the online application, which of course took far more time and effort than realistically needed. It included an intelligence test and assessment. Then, I finally had an in-person interview, where I was asked to do the entire application process again … to make sure I was the person who had initially filled out everything online.  

That is a fail. Why ask candidates to do 12 things when they could do three?


Currently reading: 

It’s actually an old book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” It has been on my list, and I finally got to it. 


If you could hire anyone, who would it be?

I’m a kid at heart, and I still like superhero movies. I’d probably hire Batman or Tony Stark. Creative, determined, inventive. What more could you need?


What accomplishment are you most proud of?

First and foremost is family: I am a very proud father of two little girls.

A really important work accomplishment for me was improving the way one of my client recruited military veterans. I helped them put a much larger emphasis on supporting veterans across the organization. I really hate disingenuous military recruiting campaigns and messaging, when it’s simply an external PR campaign someone wanted to get behind in the moment. 

I was extremely proud of the results we accomplished: attracting more veterans to their branding, doubling veteran applications and moving up on the top military employers list.


Best thing about your job?

I work for an organization that’s large enough to test out fun, cool, different things. I am given the flexibility to think big and then act on it, even if it is a smaller-scale pilot.


Bucket list item: 

I try not to think that far ahead to a bucket list. 


Mountains or beach.

Mountains. I am a little beached out growing up in South Florida.


Biggest tech/innovation talent acquisition needs to consider: 

I think we need to take a step back and rewrite our own rules, not let legal or compliance write the rules for us. Most talent leaders know what makes a good experience … so why are we letting legal tell us what that experience has to be? Then it’s about creating a process and adopting the right technologies to fit to that high-level experience. 

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