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Happy Friday! It’s been a whirlwind of a week here at SmashFly between Transform Virtual wrapping up, the announcement of the Transform Recruitment Marketing Certification and the release of our new Content Lookbook for the Candidate Journey with Glassdoor for Employers.

I’ve still been making time to read and share my favorite recruitment marketing articles here on the blog. This week, I’m talking email marketing, texting recruiters and more, including marketing tips from an unlikely teacher. Happy 4th!

Content of the Week

Content of the Week june 30

YES. SmashFly and Glassdoor teamed up to create your guide to delivering relevant, personalized content and messaging throughout the candidate journey. It’s full of reality checks and marketing-inspired insights, as well as examples of brands successfully leveraging content as part of their talent acquisition strategy. Download it now.

Tweets of the Week

Articles of the Week

It’s True: Happy People are Just More Productive by Alyse Kalish

Think about the people who get the most done on your team. Do they come to work with a can-do attitude and a smile? Or do they begrudgingly drag their feet through the door every morning? It’s no question that happier people are more productive, but this article touches on the things that make people happy at work. Hint: It’s not unlimited vacation, good insurance or a laid back dress code. So what, then?


What It’s Like to Apply For a Job Over Text by Lydia Dishman 

When we talk about candidate communication and tech, it seems like artificial intelligence (AI) is one extreme and human personalization is the other. And then we get into texting candidates, perhaps falling more in the realm of an interruption into personal space many brands aren’t yet keen on. But text is easy, it’s quick, it’s intuitive … and let’s face it, everyone from millenials to Baby Boomers have their hands glued to their phones. In this instance, candidates might be ready. Are brands willing to go there?


The Email Recruiting Campaign: The Inbox is the Battlefield in the Digital War for Talent by Marvin Smith

If you’re fighting a war for talent (and we still are … it’s not over), consider your candidates’ inboxes the front lines. You’re battling against other brands for talent’s most valuable asset: their attention. How can you differentiate your brand and stand out? This article not only brings to light to the current state of email marketing in recruiting, it provides tactical advice for improving your engagement rates.


How Measuring Your Candidate Experience Can Pay Off by Kevin Grossman

We all know that the candidate experience plays a major role in how your company is perceived as a place to work. But the business impact of a good (or bad) candidate experience are much greater. In fact, 41% of people will take product purchases to a competitor after experiencing a lackluster candidate experience. Almost half! With this much at stake, you have to provide a top-notch experience. The only way to do that? Talk to your candidates. Find out what’s working. Change what isn’t. Period.


3 Things You Can Learn About Marketing From Man’s Best Friend by Mike Madden

Honestly, I saw the three gifs that opened this article and knew I had to include it in this week’s roundup. Turns out, our dogs may have more to teach us than how to master the puppy dog look or how to doggy paddle. Dogs are authentic, apologetic when necessary, and they don’t give up easily. Maybe the same traits that make them man’s best friend can make us better marketers. Imagine marketing teams ran by dogs?! OK, stop. Don’t get too excited. Plus, this is a fun one ahead of a long weekend.

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