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The 4th is over and the dog days of summer are officially upon us. In the midst of barbecues and beach days, we’ve been keeping tabs on AI in recruiting and reading tons of great articles. This week, I’ve got reads on employer brand, candidate experience, purpose & more. Check them out and enjoy the weekend!


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Business Case for RMP Template

Trying to get your boss to sign off on a new technology isn’t always easy. We get it. The template from Aptitude Research Partners will answer your (and your boss’s!) questions, lay out how a recruitment marketing platform will help your business and prepare you to build your case for the new investment.


Articles of the Week


Sometimes the Job You Really Want Just Isn’t Obtainable by Tim Sackett @TimSackett

Being talent acquisition professionals, we get to hand people their dream jobs. But we also have to do the opposite. And although it’s still important to impress those we don’t hire, it’s even more important to treat them with compassion and empathy when breaking the news. Tim Sackett’s latest is a reminder to keep the human element in mind when telling a candidate “no.”


35 Ideas to Jazz Up Your Candidate Experience by Adam Glassman @aglass99

Wowing your candidates can earn you some serious street cred. According to the Talent Board, people share positive recruitment experiences with their inner circle 81% of the time, and negative experiences 66% of the time. Adam Glassman’s list of  35 candidate experience ideas is sure to inspire you to revamp yours.


Woman Requests Time Off for Mental Health, Boss Sends the Perfect Reply by Sam Haysom @samhaysom

We’re always talking about showing off your company’s culture in an authentic way. This is proof that sometimes, the most effective employer brand content isn’t that created by your marketing team, but the organic interactions between your employees. Take a look at how one CEO’s response to a request for time off went viral and drove interest in his organization among job seekers.


3 Ways to Get Your Employer Brand Strategy Off the Ground by Bernadette Launi

Embarking on a mission to build an employer brand isn’t always a walk in the park. In a world where companies are taking out Super Bowl ads to promote their employer brand, it can be downright daunting. Bernadette Launi breaks down 3 things to think about when getting your employer brand strategy off the ground, even if you don’t have a budget of $5 million.


Having a Sense of Purpose Can Literally Help You Sleep at Night by Shelby Lorman @sdlorman

File this one under “reasons to hire with purpose.” We know that employees produce better work when they are engaged and fulfilled at work, but it looks like having a sense of purpose has benefits beyond productivity. Researchers at Northwestern University have found that people with a “good reason to get up in the morning” get better sleep. Who doesn’t want their employees coming in to work engaged and well rested?

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