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What a week! We’re gearing up to launch a new recruitment marketing certification, attended a sales summit and hosted a webinar on artificial intelligence. In the midst of all that excitement, I’ve been reading as many talent acquisition articles as I can. There’s a lot to read, but here are some of my recent favorites. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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I’m mixing it up this week by sharing some virtual content. In this week’s webinar, we dove into how talent acquisition teams are using AI to transform their recruitment functions, and how you can get started doing the same today. Check out the webinar on demand.


Articles of the Week


7 Tips to Help You Recruit Millennials on Social Media by Gloria Kopp @gloria_kopp

I know, I know. You’re sick of hearing why you should tailor your recruiting strategy to millennials. Heck, as a millennial, I’m even tired of that narrative. However, you can’t deny the power of reaching the next generation of the workforce in the channel where they are most comfortable—social media. This article has 7 awesome tips and tricks for delivering relevant, personalized recruiting content on social. A short and informative read.


Don’t Let Technology Replace the Humans in Your Recruiting Process by Jennifer McClure @JenniferMcClure

There’s no question that technology has innovated the way we recruit and hire, and that AI has made us even more efficient. But, at what expense? Is the personalized candidate experience we all know and love a thing of the past? Not necessarily. Jennifer McClure explains how when utilized correctly, AI can actually make the candidate experience even more personal by automating repetitive tasks, enabling recruiters to focus on relationships.


How Measuring Your Candidate Experience Can Pay Off by Kevin Grossman @KevinWGrossman

As talent acquisition and employer branding professionals, we know that the candidate experience is worth investing in. But it turns out providing candidates with a positive candidate experience has significant business value across the organization. In fact, 41% of people will take their allegiance, product purchases and brand loyalty elsewhere after a negative candidate experience. In addition 64% of people will increase relationships with your brand after a positive candidate experience. See? Candidate experience is something worth measuring.


Defining Diversity & Inclusion in Today’s Business Climate by Sharlyn Lauby @sharlyn_lauby

“Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance.” Today, corporate diversity initiatives are front of mind for most organizations, especially when it comes to recruiting. But, is diversity enough? Sharlyn Lauby defines what diversity actually means for your organization, and how you can create a culture that includes all employees.


These Are the Personality Traits that the Happiest Freelancers Share by Lydia Dishman @LydiaBreakfast 

We know that the happiest, most fulfilled people are those who align their purpose with the purpose of their employer.  What about people who are their own employer? Lydia Dishman breaks down the personality traits that enable these people to thrive at work. The number one trait? Being purpose-driven.



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