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What. A. Week. Transform Academy officially launched with Recruitment Marketing 101, and I’m already counting down the days until the next course (102 goes live 8/30, if you didn’t know!). Outside of studying for my recruitment marketing certification, I’ve been on a bit of an artificial intelligence kick lately. Read on for my picks on chat bots, machine learning and more.

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SOI Guide

When it comes to recruiting metrics, one of the most-used is source of hire. Although it can show that last source before a candidates applies, it doesn’t tell the whole story. In fact, it doesn’t tell us most of the story! Today’s candidates touch an average of 15 points of influence before applying to a job. There is a lot you’re missing by focusing only on source of hire. The Guide to Source of Influence from SmashFly & Glassdoor shows the importance of tracking the entire candidate journey, and explains how you can get started.


Articles of the Week

How Machine Learning is Changing Recruiting by Shelly Kramer @ShellyKramer

Algorithmic assessments have become commonplace in the consumer marketplace, with companies like Facebook, Amazon, Spotify & Waze all using some type of AI, allowing them to focus on providing exceptional customer experiences. But, what about talent acquisition? Using machine learning and AI to vet resumes and scan candidate social profiles enables recruiters to focus on providing candidate experiences that stand out. And I am all for a standout candidate experience.


Why Marketers Are Betting on Bots by Angela Doland @angeladol

OK, stop what you’re doing and read about what The Cosmopolitan Hotel is doing with chat bots. I love seeing brands that think outside the box and find creative ways to use new technology. All I can think about is how recruitment marketers can start using chat bots to engage with candidates in fun, quirky ways. Read on and get inspired!


Why You Should (& Shouldn’t) Rehire Former Employees by Brian Westfall

When we think employer brand, we think candidates we haven’t yet found or hired. Sometimes, we think about current employees. But what about former employees? This article really got me thinking. Sure, you want your former employees to think highly of you in case they want their old job back; I think this is even more important for former employees who you don’t rehire. These are the people who will tell their new coworkers at a new company what it was like to work for you. These people are potential lifelong ambassadors (or detractors) of your employer brand. Make sure they have good things to say.


HR is the New PR by Joel Cheesman @joelcheesman

I love this read because it shows the larger business impact of recruitment marketing. It’s about more than just recruiting top talent. A great employer brand strengthens your consumer brand as a whole.  Take a look at how major companies are using HR benefits to boost their reputations in the public eye.


What Tech Talent Really Wants May Shock You by Jackye Clayton @jackyeclayton

Hiring for tech roles? Check this out! Jackye Clayton outlines what’s actually important to top tech talent. In a talent acquisition environment where people are choosing jobs based on mutual purpose, having insight into what is important to your candidates is more important than ever before.


BONUS READ: Is Unconscious Bias Driving Conscious Bias by Elyse Mayer @ElyseSchmidt

This read is from one of my colleagues at SmashFly and our partners over at HiringSolved. Although I typically stick to external posts for these round ups, this one was just too good not to include as a bonus. AI is undoubtedly making our lives and jobs easier, but it can’t solve all our problems. When it comes to reducing bias, unconscious or conscious, your best bet is a combination of man and machine.

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