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Another week in the history books. But a short workweek does not mean I’m short on articles! I’ve rounded up my favorite talent acquisition articles of late, from reads on candidate engagement & company culture to ways to make your data work for you. Happy Friday!


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Retail Hiring Report

Our team of experts at SmashFly has identified a handful of industries that could especially benefit from implementing new talent acquisition and recruitment marketing strategies … essentially, breaking the status quo. As demand for retail talent continues to climb alongside a shrinking candidate pool, attracting top candidates earlier will be more important than ever in beating out competition and building brand loyalty. Our research report outlines the changing talent dynamics that retail hiring managers will face in the near future.


Articles of the Week

How to Effectively Tell Your Employer Brand Story by Meghan Biro @MeghanMBiro

The thing that attracted me to pursue a career in marketing is the element of storytelling. As recruitment marketers, being able to tell a true, compelling story is essential to attracting top talent. Meghan Biro speaks to the importance of effectively communicating your employer brand story and shares 4 tips for creating & sharing an employer brand that fuels your talent acquisition engine.


It Takes a Little Tech to Give You a Win-Win on Candidate Engagement by Ji-A Min @ji_amin

We talk a lot about candidate experience, and rightfully so—it’s our opportunity to make a great impression on talent! But, how are candidates actually perceiving these efforts? The flip side, candidate engagement, focuses on how responsive candidates are to a recruiter’s interactions, and how positive they feel about the overall recruiting experience. Ji-A Min explains how the perfect blend of technology and human interaction leads to positive candidate engagement.


How to Incorporate Company Culture Into Your Hiring Process by Heather Huhman @heatherhuhman

It’s important to give candidates a sense of their potential job responsibilities during an interview, but it’s equally important for them to leave the interview with a strong understanding of your company’s culture. Between refreshing your job descriptions, tailoring interview questions and conducting research, there’s a lot you can do to make sure your culture shines through during the hiring process.


Here’s What We Really Need to Do to Improve Recruitment Methods by Ted Bauer @tedbauer2003

Are your recruitment methods rooted in growth? Or are they siloed methods with the intention of getting a person into a role to please management? Take a look at this list of the issues facing recruiting teams today and get inspired by the potential solutions.


4 Ways Digital Marketers Can Make Data Work for Them by Kristine Colosimo @Kr1stine_

I know what you’re thinking. “I came here for talent acquisition articles, not marketing articles!” If you’re a regular visitor to the SmashFly blog, you know that the reality is recruiters and marketers have a lot in common. Check out Kristine Colosimo’s tips on making the most of your data— tips that are relevant for recruiters and marketers alike.

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