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This week was FULL of recruitment marketing goodness. From the Glassdoor Recruit live steam (recordings available here!) to a webinar on social signals with Entelo, we’ve had our hands full at SmashFly this week. In the midst of all that excitement, taking some time out to catch up on the latest recruitment marketing articles is a must. I’ve compiled my favorites here. Happy Friday!


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candidate journey mapping 3

Journey mapping is the act of taking your existing candidate personas and framing a candidate journey based on the different touchpoints each persona may interact with throughout their career search. Sound confusing? We’ve got you covered with our new Candidate Journey Mapping Kit. With an interactive template and instructions, you’ll be on your way to becoming a journey mapping pro.


Articles of the Week


Time Management Tips for Recruiters by Roy Maurer @SHRMRoy

A day in the life of a recruiter looks a lot like a whirlwind of emails, phone screens, interviews, follow-ups and unexpected challenges. These tips will help you and your team stay organized in the often unpredictable world of talent acquisition.


What Trader Joe’s Figured Out About Workplace Culture That My Other Past Employers Haven’t by Hayley Benham-Archdeacon

If you’re looking for another reason to love Trader Joe’s, look no further. Trader Joe’s has become known as an incredible place to work over the years, and it isn’t because of a high profile recruitment marketing campaign. It’s because they’ve created a unique work environment that employees are excited to share. It’s further proof that your employees are your biggest advocates, and when they’re happy, they’ll sing your praises.


The Candidate Response That Nearly Made Me Cry by Greg Savage @greg_savage

Sometimes, we could all use a reminder that the work we do in the talent acquisition field has a real, tangible impact on people’s lives. Greg Savage shares a candidate’s powerful response to his outreach. The message here is clear: in the hustle of emails, meetings, calls and what ever else we have going on, we can never lose sight of the candidate at the heart of it all.


The AI Chatbot Will Hire You Now by Simon Chandler

Is AI the solution to the lack of diversity in the tech industry? A lot of people seem to think so. But who’s to say that technology that is programmed by humans will be free of man’s inherent unconscious bias? This article explores AI’s future in recruiting- both it’s opportunities and its shortcomings.


Want to Create an Irresistible Recruiting Email? Here’s 6 Sneaky Hacks to Help by Manan Shah @mananshah212

In a time where our inboxes are inundated with various emails on a daily basis, writing an email that is opened, read and remembered is something of an art form. Check out these tips to ensuring your recruiting email doesn’t earn a spot in the trash folder.

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