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Has anyone ever noticed how the world seems to stop turning during HR Tech? In a whirlwind of events, sessions, tweets and networking, it’s so easy to get behind on our day to day tasks. As a result, this past week was 7 days of HR Tech catch-up, with some article reading mixed in, of course! Keep reading for my favorite recruitment marketing articles this week. Happy Friday!


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2018 Ideabook

It’s back! Every October, we ask the best and brightest from every corner of talent acquisition to share their biggest tip for success in the coming year. This year, we had contributors from GE, Intel, Staples, Great Clips, plus analysts like John Sumser, Madeline Laurano and Gerry Crispin, share their ideas. Get all 29 actionable ideas in the 2018 Recruitment Marketing Ideabook.


Articles of the Week


How to Reveal Your Employer Brand by James Ellis @thewarfortalent

If you’re just embarking on the journey to a great employer brand, this article is for you. James Ellis explains why your employer brand exists whether you think you’ve created it or not. The first step in having an employer brand that attracts top candidates isn’t deciding what you want to be, it’s uncovering what you are.


17 Things You Can Send Your Email Subscribers (That Aren’t a Newsletter) by Michelle Shaeffer @MichelleShaeffr

If you’re like most organizations with a talent network, you send them open jobs. If you’ve been on the recruitment marketing train a little longer, you may mix in some newsletter sends. But, what about when that all starts to feel a little stale? Michelle Shaeffer’s got you covered in her latest blog post. Check it out for 17 creative things to send to your email subscribers (a.k.a. talent network).


Building a Marketing Strategy? Start With Empathy by Kerry O’Shea Gorgone @KerryGorgone

Sometimes, empathy in business seems like a thing of the past. We expect customer service to give us a hard time when we call. We expect a difficult experience trying to return an item after losing the receipt. That’s why in today’s world, being empathetic is more important than ever—it’s a differentiator in your marketing strategy. Recruitment marketing is no exception. A job search can be stressful, and when you go the extra mile to understand what candidates are going through, you create an experience that is that much better.


It’s Time to Do a Better Job Telling Your Company Story by Meg McSherry Breslin

Spoiler alert: Your job descriptions are not what drives traffic to your career site. It’s your brand! Your company story. Your organization’s purpose. If storytelling is so crucial to attracting top talent, why do so many companies settle for a couple of quickly written paragraphs on their “about me” page? Check this out for tips on corporate storytelling and inspiration from Lego and Nike.


Personalization Creates Engagement by Sharlyn Lauby @sharlyn_lauby

In Sharlyn Lauby’s latest, she talks about a boss who truly got to know her and baristas who had her name and order memorized. The core message in these stories is that personalization makes people feel important. She shares tips for personalizing communication with employees, but they can easily be applied to candidates, too. Showing candidates you care about them will always be a way to keep them engaged with you and interested in your jobs.

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