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My Father served in the US Army, and like other people of his era, he came home to an economy that was in need of smart, hardworking and dedicated employees. After he was discharged, he started his first job in Boston, MA in a placement agency and later went on to have a career in Sales. Thanks for your service, Dad!

As we celebrate Veterans Day here in the United States, it is important to thank our veterans for their service to our country and for protecting the freedoms that we enjoy every day.

One of the best ways to thank our veterans is to hire them.

As of 2016, the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that of the 20 million veterans eligible for employment, only 50 percent, or 10 million, were actually employed.

But, providing veterans with career opportunities is more than just a way to say “thank you.” It’s a smart move for organizations looking for top talent. The military offers more than 140 occupational specialties related to civilian jobs, meaning veterans aren’t just soldiers. They’re nurses, avionics specialists, chefs, mechanics, cyber security experts and masters of logistics and operations. A veteran has had hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of training that organizations can leverage at no cost to them. Veterans continue to represent some of the best candidates for highly skilled positions in Engineering, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Finance. But, don’t take my word for it—The National Association of Manufacturers reports that veterans are some of the most qualified people to fill the 500,000 plus open manufacturing positions in America.

Companies like GE recognize the value veterans bring to the workplace and are leading the way when it comes to providing them with civilian opportunities. In fact, one in every 13 GE employees is a veteran. They’ve even created a career site specifically for veterans that highlights their initiatives, answers questions, and showcases their veteran-friendly culture. In their own words, “GE is deeply committed to hiring and supporting military veterans. Their skills, experience, and work ethic are unmatched–and essential to our future success as a digital industrial company.” Congratulations to them on this incredible and successful initiative.

Lastly, I want to applaud organizations like Hire Our Heroes that help retiring military personnel transition back into civilian life and prepare them to join the workforce. Their mission is to connect with veterans one year before discharge and help train, mentor and coach them to find a job after they return home. They are one of many organizations that are dedicated to helping our veterans build careers with great companies after their service has ended.

Our veterans completed their mission. Now, let’s connect them with your company’s mission!

Happy Veterans Day!

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