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If you’re anything like me, you’re already dreaming of next Thursday: Endless turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. I can almost taste it! With only six more days to go, there’s still plenty of time to read some recruitment marketing articles. Check out what we’re reading this week. Happy Friday!


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Retail Hiring Report

Only 7 days stand between us and Black Friday- the official kickoff of crazy sales, mall traffic and a huge seasonal workforce to support it all. Check out the Retail Talent Report and learn how the industry is changing and how the right recruitment marketing strategies can set you apart in the eyes of retail talent.


Articles of the Week


The Real Way You Make Your Employer Brand Come to Life on Social Media by Kate Weimer @Kate_Weimer90

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram have all become powerful employer brand tools in the last few years. Heck even Snapchat is getting in on the fun. In an age where everyone is promoting jobs and culture on social, how do you stand out? Kate Weimer says it’s not what you post, but how you respond.


Why It’s Important to Turn an Interview Into an Unstructured Conversation byPatty Azzarello @pattyazzarello

In the typical interview, you get an hour to get to know a person. An hour to determine whether someone has the skills needed to excel. An hour to get a feel for their values. An hour to clarify any red flags you may have. It’s important to make the most of this time by asking the right questions. Questions that spur unstructured conversation are the ones that will ultimately provide you the information you need, enabling you to make an informed decision.


How to Fix the Biggest Lie in Corporate America by Rick Wartzman @RWartzman

It’s a phrase heard time and time again, “Our people are our biggest asset.” Really? Then where are they noted on the balance sheet? The majority of businesses today view talent as a cost center. If people truly are the biggest value-add to businesses, they need to be considered a value centersomething worth investing in. Until that mental shift happens, the above statement will remain the biggest lie in corporate America.


Hey Recruiters: Here’s What Makes Top Talent Want to StayAnd Want to Go by John Hollon @johnhollon

We focus a lot on the reasons people take jobs. But, what about the reasons they leave jobs? As talent acquisition professionals, turnover is just as important to think about as making hires. By identifying what is driving talent away, you can focus on improving it. Conversely, by identifying what makes talent stay, you create a set of key messaging points to share with candidates.


Tap Into These 5 Hidden Recruiting Talent Pools by Jessica Miller-Merrell @jmillermerrell

Unemployment is nearing a 15 year low, meaning you can’t rely on the usual talent pools and pipelines to fill your jobs. Jessica Miller-Merrell shares her tips for finding untapped potential in nontraditional talent pools.

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