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I remember one of my earliest frustrations as a marketer was spending time doing something I thought a computer could do better. I’m talking about one of those repetitive, mindlessly simple tasks that are invariably part of any job. Sure, it was a vitally important part of our process: identifying people who would most benefit from SmashFly’s solution.

However, it was also extremely boring, consisting of looking through thousands of leads a week one at a time to see if they met certain criteria. Why hire a human to do a computer’s job? I remember thinking at one point. It’d be so simple to automate, if only I had the right data and the right tool.

As a recruitment marketer, you probably face some similarly mind-numbing tasks: repetitive, formulaic outreach; sifting through profiles to identify the best-fit candidates; pulling together lists of prospects for targeted campaigns. Luckily, you (hopefully) also have the right tool at your disposal: a recruitment CRM (or Candidate Relationship Management) system.

Let’s dive into a few ways to put your CRM’s automation capabilities to work:


Segment your database

You’ve got a CRM full of prospective candidates, and it’s growing every day. However, not all candidates are alike. Segmenting your database according to attributes like job family, level of experience, and geographic region can all be useful for making your marketing more targeted. SmashFly CRM’s intelligent automation workflows can populate segments as prospects join your database—all you need to do is define those segments according to simple If-Then logic.


Identify the right prospects

Maybe you’d like to immediately review certain types of profiles, such as those interested in a specific hard-to-fill role. A simple workflow can route candidate profiles to the right recruiter in real time, so you can reach out while their interest in you as an employer is at its highest.


Pull lists for targeted campaigns

Want to market to a specific segment in your database—that doesn’t exist yet? Automation can help. Tell your CRM what you’re looking for, and it can pull together a segment from existing database records.


Drip campaigns

One of the more complex workflows you could build is for an email drip campaign. All you need is a series of emails, a targeted list of prospects, and some time delay rules. Nurture made simple.


Decrease applicant drop-off

Finally, in one of my favorite uses of automation, you can set up a workflow that automatically emails a reminder to any candidate who starts, but doesn’t finish, an application. A SmashFly research report showed that 74% of those who start an application drop off before they complete it, so this simple workflow could have a big impact on your applicant numbers.

I hope these tips give you some ideas on how CRM automation can free you up to focus on the strategic, creative parts of your day. Oh, and as for my painfully manual process—thankfully, I’ve been able to use a marketing automation tool to make my life a whole lot easier.

Got questions on how to best leverage automation in your recruitment marketing strategy? Feel free to tweet me at @allischaaff or send me a message on Linkedin. I’d love to hear from you!

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