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December is here. It means holiday parties, end-of-quarter anxiety, trends for the new year and endless desserts. Everything is moving fast, and if I’m being honest, it’s a little overwhelming. Take some time off from the hustle and bustle of the season and check out the best recruitment marking articles of the past week. Some down time for learning, and inspiration, is a littl gift to yourself.


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Career Site Lookbook

Let’s bring it back to basics. Lately we’ve been talking so much about AI, social recruiting, automation and a lot of other cutting-edge strategies recruitment marketers are trying.  Amidst of all of this innovation, don’t forget the tried and true: career sites. Our extremely popular lookbook, 3 Beautifully Effective Career Sites, will show you how to craft a site that wows (and wins!) top candidates.


Articles of the Week

No One Wants to Work for You, and These Three Words are Why by Christian Bonilla @smartlikehow

This article says everything I’ve been thinking for the past year. Working in the recruitment marketing technology space, I see a lot of career sites and read a lot of job descriptions. In the vast majority of these descriptions, the phrase “fast-paced environment” appears in some way, shape or form. It’s been rendered meaningless. It comes back to what we always say—be authentic. Describe in your own words what it’s like to work at your organization and ditch the industry clichés.


7 Content Marketing Trends for 2018 by James A. Martin @James_A_Martin

In a lot of ways, recruitment marketing isn’t all that different from consumer marketing. Instead of marketing a product, we market jobs. But, other than that, the process and principles are pretty similar. These are the trends that will be taking content marketing by storm in 2018, and if I had to guess, I’d say most of these will sneak their way into the RM world as well.


Setting Yourself Up for Leadership Success by Lisa Rosendahl @lisarosendahl

As long as recruitment marketing remains an emerging discipline, recruitment marketers will have to be persistent change agents within their organizations. They’ll have to be leaders. Take a look at these leadership tips as you advocate for furthering the recruitment marketing function at your organization.


How Your Employer Brand Is Born by James Ellis @thewarfortalent

Building an employer brand is an undertaking. One that requires patience, finesse and creativity. But, in a lot of ways, your employer brand isn’t built, it’s born. It spreads organically from the workplace culture you’ve created. James Ellis takes a deep dive into the anatomy of an employer brand in his latest.


Don’t Be Surprised at Who Tops Glassdoor’s 2018 Best Places to Work by John Hollon @johnhollon

Glassdoor’s 10th annual “Best Places to Work” list is out, and there are some familiar names gracing the top spots. One of the largest, most comprehensive lists of its kind, Glassdoor’s list is based purely on employee reviews of companies. Although the top contenders span industries, regions and headcount, there are some commonalities to be found in the qualities that employees note as the most important.

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