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Talent newsletters represent something of an emerging art form in recruitment marketing. They provide an opportunity to tell your brand’s story in a creative, engaging way. The best talent newsletters aren’t just compilations of open jobs. They aren’t brand lovefests. They’re not just collections of interesting articles from around the internet. The best talent newsletters are diverse, helpful and feature a variety of voices, both internal and external to your brand. They inspire candidates to envision a career with you, and depending on their stage in the candidate journey, drive them to apply for your jobs.

The best advice I can offer you in crafting these emails is to think like a candidate. Imagine their inbox is yours. If you’re proofing the latest edition of your newsletter and realize you wouldn’t want to read it, chances are your audience will feel the same. Here are some tips for finding and sharing valuable content:


Follow relevant content creators on Twitter

Creating original content to fill your newsletters could be a full-time job. And scouring the web for interesting third-party content is a close second in terms of time suck. The trick is to completely immerse yourself in your industry. Follow bloggers, influencers, companies and employees who live and breathe your space. Create Twitter lists to keep them organized. They’re writing and sharing content every day, so use it. The idea is that as these posts appear in your feed, you’ll organically read more and make note of the ones worth sharing.


Subscribe to industry publications

Not a Twitter fan? No worries. The truth is, content creators’ reach extends beyond their social profiles. Many of them have blogs, websites and mailing lists. So sign up! Get daily emails with great, new content sent straight to your inbox. Start with some general newsletters like The Muse, which shares awesome candidate-facing resources like interview tips and career advice. Harvard Business Review and Fast Company are great for high level business content that spans industries. Add in one or two industry-specific publications, and you’ve got a decent mix of styles and topics that is sure to be full of shareable insights.


Keep a pulse on your employees

Although third-party content is important, these emails ultimately need to tie back to your brand. Start by talking to your employees. Has anyone in the office worked on a project they were really passionate about lately? Did someone just get back from an epic vacation? Maybe a team just completed an inspiring community service project. Companies are full of people, which means they’re full of stories – real stories that you can share to give candidates a view into life at your organization.


Consider video

Now you’ve got great content, but the fact remains that inboxes are getting more cluttered and attention spans are getting shorter. You need to stand out to avoid people skimming and deleting your email before processing your content. Try the ultimate attention grabber: Video. An email with video can receive up to a 96% increase in click-through rate. Integrating video into your newsletters is a surefire way to capture — and keep — your audience’s attention.

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