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Whoa. We are already more than halfway through the first month of 2018. I could have sworn that just yesterday, I was watching people freeze their tails off in Times Square from the comfort of my friend’s living room. But, time moves fast in recruitment marketing. The new year is off with a bang, and I’ve got some great content to share. Check out these reads on hiring for experience, mastering SEO, writing better job descriptions and more. Happy Friday!


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2018 Ideabook


In the spirit of the first article roundup of the year, I’m bringing back the 2018 Recruitment Marketing Ideabook. Check out the tips, trends and best practices that the pros predict will shape this year in recruitment marketing.


Articles of the Week


Steve Jobs Was Right: We Should Really Be Recruiting for Experiences by Ted Bauer @tedbauer2003

This article provides an interesting glimpse into a side of Steve Jobs we don’t often hear about: the days before he became a Silicon Valley icon. Jobs had a unique take on how his life experiences shaped him and translated into success in tech. It’s worth a read for any recruiter who finds himself so focused on stringent job qualifications that he disregards nontraditional experience. After all, that candidate’s time spent on an apple orchard may prove to be the inspiration for a billion-dollar brand.


This Nordic Company’s Four Secrets to Hiring (and Keeping) Great Talent Anywhere by Ian Fosbery @fozcodes

It’s no secret that when it comes to quality of life, the Scandinavian countries are doing something right. But it turns out, they’ve also got hiring figured out. Take a look at these 4 tips from Reaktor, a Finnish company with a turnover rate of less than 1%, and prepare to improve your candidate experience from the interview stage to post-hire.


The Wise Content Marketer’s Guide to Sensible SEO by Sonia Simone @soniasimone

The world of SEO is ripe with differing opinions on best practices, changing trends and trial and error. It’s a lot for (recruitment) marketers keep up with. I love Sonia Simone’s take on the topic: SEO isn’t the be all end all. If you’re sacrificing the quality of your content, or the experience candidates have on your site for a great SEO ranking, your priorities are backwards. It all comes back to thinking about your audience and creating relevant content that answers their questions.


A New Technique in Marketing Has Intriguing Possibilities for Recruiters by Joshua Jones @7Recruiter

How’s this for personalization? IP targeting is a new technology enabling marketers to get hyper local: showing content to consumers based on the location of their devices (IP address). Think of the opportunities for recruitment marketers here. From targeting industry conferences to competitors’ headquarters, IP targeting is the savvy recruiter’s secret weapon in targeting her dream talent pool.


12 Job Descriptions That’ll Make You Want to Apply Today by Emily Moore @EmilyM161

I’m a strong believer that the best way to learn something is to observe someone who is really good at that thing, do that thing. Here at SmashFly, we talk a lot about bringing your employer brand into your job descriptions. Check out these 12 examples of companies that are crushing the job description game and get inspired to revamp your own!

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