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This Sunday, the greatest spectacle in American sports will take place on the largest global stage. I am, of course, talking about the Super Bowl.

This year, my hometown New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, my family and I spent 5 years living in the Philadelphia suburbs and have many close friends there and know how important this championship is to them. Unfortunately for them, Brady and Belichick are a team of destiny. I know this will be a fun game to watch!! #NOTDONE

US Bank Stadium is a world-class facility in a great city and represents three great brands… US Bank, the Minnesota Vikings and the city of Minneapolis. Hundreds of thousands of people will be exposed to these brands in person on Sunday and millions more will connect via television and social media.

This got me thinking about connecting candidates to brands and how important that is in Talent Acquisition (TA). Today’s candidates are not simply looking for jobs. They’re looking for purpose. They’re looking to join a company they believe in. With the S&P 100 all looking to fill similar roles, a strong employer brand and well-defined company values become the main differentiators in the fight for the right-fit talent. As competition for this talent continues to increase, you need a game plan worthy of the Patriots’ playbook. So make recruitment marketing your winning game plan!

All week long, the people and businesses in the twin cities are more than just hosts of the biggest football game of the year. They’re ambassadors of their city, their businesses and their organizations. By ensuring that all their guests feel welcome, they’re creating a positive, memorable experience for everyone engaging with them. You do the same in TA – by creating consistent messaging across the entire candidate journey, you ensure potential candidates have a great experience with your brand.

Here at SmashFly, we help great brands across the world connect with people and differentiate themselves in tight markets with our industry leading platform and award-winning analytics.

As Coaches in TA, you know every day is Super Bowl Sunday when it comes to finding great talent and executing on a great game plan to help your players on the field exceed expectations and build dynasties!

No matter who you are rooting for on Sunday, enjoy the game; But from me sitting in front of my television with my family ……………… GO PATS!


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