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Happy Friday, recruitment marketing tribe! We’re coming up on a big weekend: the Superbowl. Being based in Massachusetts, you can imagine that all of us here at SmashFly are pretty excited. Even in all the excitement that the Superbowl brings, there is still plenty to read in talent acquisition! I’ve rounded up my favorite articles of the week. From employer brand to SEO to diversity and inclusion, these should keep you entertained until kickoff. Go Pats!


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This week, I’m bringing back one of my favorite pieces of SmashFly content, 3 Personalized Candidate Experiences: How to Lead with Brand & Relevancy in the Candidate Journey. Get the lookbook now and get inspired with 3 real world examples of personalization from Intel, Lockheed Martin and Fiserv.


Articles of the Week


5 Common Bad Hires and How to Avoid Them by Roy Maurer @SHRMRoy

I really like Roy’s take on bad hires here. In recruitment marketing, there’s a tendency to focus on the positive: “If you implement this cool strategy, you’ll find your perfect hire!” But in reality, recruitment marketing is more than fun, innovative ideas for connecting with like-minded people. With the right strategies in place, recruitment marketing qualifies the right talent in to your organization, while simultaneously qualifying out the people who just don’t fit. Read on and see if you’ve ever made one of these hiring mistakes (and how you can avoid it in the future!)


The Critical First 100 Days of an Employment Branding Program by Johnny Torrance-Nesbitt @JohnnyTorrNesbi 

You may not believe it, but the idea of having a dedicated employer brand is still a novel concept to many employers. When you’re starting from nothing, creating an employment branding program is daunting to say the least. If that sounds familiar, don’t despair! Check out Johnny Torrance-Nesbitt’s guide to starting your employment brand journey and making the most out of your first 100 days.


What Does It Mean to ‘Write for SEO’ in 2018? by Rand Fishkin @randfish

Recruitment marketers, this one’s for you. Throw away everything you think you know about SEO. This article walks through the criteria sites like Google and Bing actually take into account when ranking your site. Spoiler alert: ranking highly all comes back to solving your audience’s problem.


How Candidates REALLY Feel About the Job Search by Ji-A Min @ji_amin

This is a fun one – Ji-A Min took the streets and asked real people what they thought about the job search. She’s sharing her interviews and key takeaways in her latest post. Check it out and learn what candidates actually expect from the candidate experience, and how you can deliver on it! Thanks for the precious intel, Ji-A!


How to Build an Inclusive Culture at Work via TalentCulture @TalentCulture

Diversity and inclusion has become a major initiative in recent years for most companies. The problem is that diversity and inclusion get lumped together. Making diverse hires isn’t the same as creating teams of people with different viewpoints, perspectives and backgrounds and encouraging them to collaborate. Diversity is step 1. Step 2 is creating a culture that really enables the unique talents of each team member to shine.

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