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Is it just me, or did February feel especially short this year? Seriously, that month flew by. Between the release of our new Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks Report, SourceCon and a new partnership with Paradox Olivia, it’s been a busy time at SmashFly. With all that, I’m still reading and sharing my favorite recruitment marketing articles. Check them out!


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Since 2015, SmashFly has spent months each year analyzing how the Fortune 500 use recruitment marketing practices in their talent acquisition strategies. The last 3 years have brought big change to recruitment marketing. This year’s report highlights which companies are leading the change, and which ones are struggling to keep up. Where do you stand?


Articles of the Week


4 Signs You’ve Found an Informed Candidate by Lillian Childress

In a world where recruiters are often overwhelmed by a large volume of applicants, informed candidates are a dream come true. They’ve done their homework, they’re excited about the role, and they have a deep understanding of the pros and cons of working for you. How do you spot one of these candidates? Read on and find out!


The #1 Brand Mistake Every Company Makes (We’ve All Done It) by David Brier @davidbrier

It’s natural for recruitment marketers to want to put their brand’s best foot forward. After all, we want candidates to like us and eventually apply for our jobs! But, if we’re not careful, authenticity can get lost in our efforts to appeal to every candidate. Check out the full article for David Brier’s take on playing branding too safe.


Best Companies’ List Now Weighs Diversity, Work-Life Into Selection by Scott Healy

Everyone wants to be known as a “Best Place to Work.” But, “best” is inherently subjective – something that is important to one candidate might hold little weight for someone else. That said, the criteria used by Forbes for this list is a good indicator of what most candidates care about. Take a look and see which companies topped this year’s list, and what put them at the top.


8 Ways to Make Real Progress on Tech’s Diversity Problem by Allyson Kapin @WomenWhoTech

We talk a lot about unconscious bias in recruiting, and one of the sectors most affected by that trend is tech. If you’re recruiting in the tech space, check out these tips and learn how companies like Google, Snap Inc. and more strive to eliminate bias from their hiring processes.


Eight Things Your Chatbot Should Never Do by Nikki Gilliland @Nikki_Gilliland

It’s no secret that Chatbots are the current shiny new object in talent acquisition. Much of the conversation around the technology has centered around whether or not to implement a chatbot, and how bots will really help recruiting teams. Nikki Gilliland takes it one step further in this post – once you implement a chatbot, how do you make sure it’s actually useful? Although these tips are meant for consumer brands, so much of this advice can be directly used by employer brand folks as well.

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