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Lately, hunting down the best talent acquisition articles has become a form of escapism for me. If you aren’t aware, SmashFly HQ is located just outside of Boston, meaning we have been pummeled by snow over the last couple of weeks. I’ve learned to savor any moment that isn’t spent shoveling my driveway, and that includes reading the latest and greatest in talent acquisition. So if you’re in the Northeast like me, grab a hot cup of coffee and take your time with these articles. The snow will still be there when you’re done reading.


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This week’s content is a little different than usual: It’s virtual! Join us and Traitify for a webinar on March 20 for a look at the benefits of personalization, strategies to get you started, and an in-depth look at how GE saw real results from personalized campaigns.


Articles of the Week


7 Tips to Increase Your Tech Candidate Response Rates by Ryan Leary @ryanleary

This is some great advice you can put into practice today. Although the article is focused on improving response rates from tech candidates, these tips are universal and can easily be applied to any industry. Give this a read and get to work on your recruiting outreach!


3 Essential Branding Lessons from a Rare Steve Jobs Interview by Jesus Diaz @jesusdiaz

You know that game, “If you could eat dinner with 3 people, dead or alive, who would you pick?” Steve Jobs would definitely have a seat at my table. The takeaways from this interview are undeniably relevant to those building an employer brand. Your emploer brand is reliant on the culture you’ve already built — not the other way around.


Are You Making One of These Recruiting Mistakes that Show Bias? by Gwen Moran @gwenmoran

In recent years, much progress has been made when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Even still, as we learn to build positive, welcoming workplaces for all, mistakes are bound to happen. Give this article a read and check yourself. Are you making any of these mistakes that show bias?


Here’s What It Takes to Get Hired at Amazon by Michael Grothaus @michaelgrothaus

I love taking an inside look at the recruiting processes at other companies — especially companies like Amazon. The one thing that really stands out about this process is that although it is incredibly thorough, there is still a focus on the candidate. Amazon makes the effort to make sure their candidates are comfortable in interviews, meet their future team members, and even have a feel for Seattle before they offer them a job. It goes to show that intensive and personalization are not mutually exclusive.


Smart Hiring Can Keep Your Startup from Failure by Michael Solomon @michaelsolomonx

We know that the stakes are high in talent acquisition. Who you bring in to your company can have a huge impact on your company’s culture and bottom line. Those stakes are amplified in the startup world. When the profitability of your company literally relies on your new hires, you need to be sure you’re attracting and hiring the right fit talent.



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