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Another busy week down at SmashFly. With UNLEASH next week, Transform Virtual right around the corner, and the Transform Academy class of 2018 underway (it’s not too late to sign up!), there’s a lot going on. In the meantime, there are tons of great articles being published every day. Check out my picks on employee value propositions, content marketing, workforce trends and more. Happy Friday!


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Transform Virtual 2018 General


I’m mixing it up this week. Instead of an eBook, guide, or template, I’m sharing some virtual content. Transform Virtual goes live on June 21, 2018, and features recruitment marketing speakers from Boeing, H&M, Toyota and more. Save your spot for the free virtual conference now.


Articles of the Week


Wanna Recruit Me? Appeal to My Inner Cat Lady by Dawn Burke @DawnHBurke

If you say that title didn’t make you laugh, you’re lying. In explaining the important role her cat plays in her life decisions, Dawn Burke illustrates something larger: everyone is looking to get something different out of work. For some, it’s support and flexibility to care for a pet. Others are looking for telecommuting options while their children are on summer vacation. Others are passionate about travel and hope to get a job with a sweet vacation policy. The point is, to attract the right talent, you need to speak their language. And to get them to apply, you need to understand and cater to their needs.


9 Employee Value Proposition Examples When Creating Your EVP by Jessica Miller-Merrell @jmillermerrell

In a lot of ways, your employee value proposition is the foundation of your entire employer brand. Shrinking that employer brand into a few succinct sentences can be challenging. Check out this guide to creating an EVP, complete with examples from companies leading the way.


Here’s How Much Your Content Marketing Goals Matter by Brandon Andersen @Andersenology

I really like this post because it’s all about getting back to basics. I think it’s important for marketers (and recruitment marketers) to step back from time to time and ask themselves “Why am I producing this piece of content?” or “Who do I want to read this blog post?” If you’re feeling like your content calendar lacks strategy, this post is full of thought-provoking questions to get you back on track.


Can This 200-Year-Old Approach Help Modern Companies Find Talent? By Gwen Moran @gwenmoran

There’s a lot of talk about what career paths of the future will look like. Millennials are changing jobs more frequently than any other generation. College expenses are at an all-time high. Baby boomers are entering retirement age. With all this change, maybe it’s time to revisit a tried and true method of finding and training talent. More companies are turning to apprenticeships to fill the skills gap by developing talent into productive team members.


3 Ways Fast-Growing Companies Land the Best Talent by Rahul Varshneya @rahulvarshneya

Recruiting is hard. (Cue all the “duhs” … After all, recruitment marketing wouldn’t exist if finding the perfect fit for each of your open roles was easy.) It gets even harder when you’re in a high-growth phase. Check out these tips for recruiting top talent, even when you’ve got tons of roles to fill at once.

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