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This is a series of Transform speaker spotlights ahead of Transform Virtual on June 21, 2108.


Rosie at a Glance

 Title: Director of Demand Generation, Sound Physicians

Favorite vacation spot? Vietnam or the Oregon coast

Last movie you saw? Shallow Hal with Jack Black

Current Favorite Song? You’re My Best Friend by Queen

Cat or dog person? That is a hard question. Can I say both? I’m currently looking to adopt a Cockapoo!


Can you tell me a little bit about your background and how you got into the recruitment marketing world?

I come from a marketing background – I spent 10 years working in healthcare marketing. I started my career as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator, and eventually moved up and became a marketing leader for the largest gastroenterology practice in Washington. In that role, I ran external B2B marketing as well as some consumer marketing around health initiatives and procedures the GI doctors offered. Lead generation, brand awareness and referrals were three major focus areas for me at the practice.

Before coming to Sound Physicians, I had never worked in recruiting. At the time, they were hiring for demand generation within talent acquisition. Demand generation comes down to bringing in people and drumming up interest for whatever you’re trying to sell. In this case, we’re talking about a job. I thought this role would be a great way to apply my marketing knowledge in a new way, so I went for it!


You have a really interesting title… How do you think demand generation relates to talent acquisition?

A lot of people are surprised to hear that I focus on demand generation specifically within talent acquisition, but the two disciplines have more in common than you might think. I lead a demand generation strategy that encompasses email, text, social and recruiting events while also working with marketing on digital and print campaigns. In doing this, I am supporting the recruiting team by building pipelines of talent that can be leveraged when they’re ready to hire. In the end, my role helps reduce time to fill and cost to hire, because I am running programs that capture and inform interested candidates at the top of the funnel.

The core of our demand generation strategy is to be sure we are always adding value. When coaching the recruiting team on social strategy, I encourage them to add value and be informative, instead of simply pushing out jobs. It’s important to be a resource – not salesy. My goal is for physicians and advanced practice providers to know about Sound Physicians and our mission so that they are eager to apply when the right career opens up for them.


Can you tell me about the most ambitious demand gen campaign you’ve run?

The marketing team and I ran a multichannel campaign ahead of an annual recruiting event, the Society for Hospital Medicine. We employed a multi-touch strategy to drive traffic to our booth. We started by sending 6 emails leading up to the event. Each email told the story of one of our colleagues who would be speaking at the event. We sent the messages to targeted segments based on persona, making sure that the recipient and the featured colleague had common traits. The colleague was then at the actual event to host a lecture, connect with candidates, answer questions and tell their story in person. In addition, we tracked opens for these emails, and our team of talent scouts followed up personally with every candidate who opened an email to invite them to a reception following the event.

This campaign extended beyond emails – we were able to repurpose the email content into social content featuring real Sound Physicians colleagues, as well as direct mail invitations to the reception. If mass texting had been an option at the time, I definitely would have taken advantage of that too. This campaign worked because we worked all available channels to meet candidates where they were, and we engaged them at multiple touchpoints. We saw great success with this – candidates were really excited to meet the people from the campaign in person, and we left the event with close to 200 qualified candidate physician leads.


What is the biggest difference between marketing for a product or service versus a job or organization?

I feel like its similar, especially today. Both disciplines come down to people. In consumer marketing you have different buyer personas, with recruitment marketing, you have candidate personas. In both scenarios, you will only be successful if you completely understand the needs of the person and add value to their life. It’s about figuring out what they value and using that to craft your strategy and messaging. I can market widgets or a job, but I’d approach both the same way, because every decision is personal.


Why did you decide to speak at Transform Virtual?

I started my career outside of recruiting, so I love connecting with other professionals in talent acquisition. I’ve only been in talent acquisition for 4 years and I’m excited about where it’s going and to leave my mark in the space. I still have so much to learn, so the opportunity to connect with the Transform Community is really appealing to me.


What do you think the future of talent acquisition looks like?

We’re already seeing one big change – candidates are becoming empowered buyers. They can find any information they want on the internet. To keep up with the wealth of information that is available to them, we need to add value to their job search. I think in the future, talent acquisition teams will need to think more like career consultants and less like recruiters. I tell my team all the time, we generate demand by being a resource and adding value. A job is a job is a job. To differentiate ourselves, we need to focus on promoting our organization and our values, not just our open jobs. That mindset will only become more important as technology continues to foster a more transparent talent acquisition landscape.


Biggest piece of advice for recruitment marketers?

Be strategic and follow through.


Be sure to catch Rosie’s session, Always be Nurturing: How Sound Physicians Created a Multi-Touch Demand Generation Strategy, at Transform Virtual on June 21, 2018.

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