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Transformation looks different for every organization. It can be brought on by a quick spark of inspiration or years of preparation. Maybe a new leader joins a company and brings a new direction. Or maybe an associate comes back from a conference energized and eager to rethink a strategy. Other times, a team adopts a new technology that completely changes established processes.

Sprint’s transformation started with a bold new vision for talent acquisition. Leadership knew that they needed to change quickly to keep up with rapidly-changing candidate expectations and increased competition for new roles and skills. To get ahead, the company fundamentally changed the way it approached recruiting – and, essentially, their business. Here are four impactful results from Sprint’s decision to look at recruiting in a different lens.

You can learn more about their bold transformation in our new video case study.


 1. Efficient High-volume Hiring

Sprint’s talent acquisition transformation was fueled by a 2015 company-wide initiative to reduce costs while maintaining aggressive growth. Part of this growth was Sprint’s plan to open 1,500 new stores. That’s a lot of hires to make in a short period of time, meaning just-in-time hiring was simply not an option. Embracing modern recruitment marketing and leveraging SmashFly’s automation capabilities meant Sprint’s recruiters were no longer bogged down with posting individual jobs and manually following up with applicants. This new, proactive approach made the recruiting team more efficient, and enabled them to meet their lofty goal – Sprint hired 9,000 new associates to staff its new stores in just two months!


 2. Trustworthy Insights

Guided by a strong vision, it was especially important for the Sprint team to be able to track the performance of their new recruitment marketing strategies. In the words of Sheri Ratliff, Sprint’s Director of Talent Acquisition, they “needed to be able to report out and understand where our jobs needed to go, where our applicants were coming from, and really look at our return on all the investments we were making. Prior to [implementing SmashFly], we did not have tools that would consistently do that for us.”


 3. A Standout Candidate Experience

Sheri had a vision to improve the way her company was engaging with candidates. She created a centralized team that oversaw the entire candidate experience from end to end, ensuring that Sprint’s employer brand remained consistent across every touchpoint. One of her team members, Shondee Coker, really challenged the team to think of recruiting in a different lens. Shondee sought to “proactively market to quality individuals that could come along with [Sprint] on this journey.” Part of this new candidate-centric approach meant making changes to the candidate experience, including cutting down their application from 45 minutes to 5 to 10 minutes.


 4. A Shift in Talent Acquisition’s Skills

Sprint’s new approach didn’t just benefit candidates –  it also gave internal employees a chance to shine. When Sheri took stock of her team and their talents, she quickly realized that not everyone’s skills were being fully utilized. Shondee had a strong graphic design background and a passion for social media and digital marketing. With the team’s new focus on employer brand and candidate experience, Shondee was able to combine her educational background and passions with her expertise in the talent space, making her a more well-rounded, effective and fulfilled member of Sprint’s Talent Acquisition team.

In the words of Shondee, “The sky is still the limit for us. We can take this as far as we want.” Stay tuned to see how Sprint continues to reimagine recruiting across every channel.


Watch the full case study below for all the details on Sprint’s transformation.



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