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I’ve always found this age-old line in talent acquisition puzzling: “The war for talent is over. The talent won.” What war? I’m pretty sure neither organizations nor talent is looking for a war.

Sure, any organization trying to differentiate, succeed, survive in today’s market is in furious competition to find, connect with and hire the top people for their roles. Talent acquisition teams have more reqs – and pressure – than ever.

But have you looked for a job recently? Walk a mile in a typical candidate’s shoes and it’s pretty clear talent hasn’t won anything.

  • In 2017, 52% of candidates were still waiting to hear back from employers they applied to … 2 to 3 months after they applied (2017 Candidate Experience Awards Research).
  • Nearly 20% of people would rather spend a day at the DMV than apply for a job (that’s bad).

There is definitely a missing of the minds still happening between employers and talent. It’s as though when organizations take a positive step forward in the candidate experience, they also take a step back in recruiter efficiency, or vice versa. The good news is there’s nothing but opportunity in front of us: for practitioners, for organizations, for technology providers. And luckily, both sides are fighting for the same thing: an easier, more transparent way to find the right roles and fill them with the right people.

And that’s exactly why SmashFly built Emerson, the first AI recruiting assistant that’s fully integrated with an industry-leading recruiting CRM.


Working AI Into Our Platform  

Raise your hand if you need an assistant. (Raises both hands.) Right?!

Both talent and talent acquisition teams need a way to interact with and progress talent more easily and quickly, way before application, without having to do more. Most companies aren’t looking to ramp up their recruiting teams — they’re looking for ways to maximize the efficiency of the team they have.

The challenge is how to be efficient while delivering personalized experiences in real-time. The challenge is how to eliminate tasks that humans don’t need to do. Our solution is to use AI (we’re calling it assistive intelligence because there’s nothing artificial about an extra set of virtual hands) to replicate human interactions and take over the administrivia that weighs us all down.

SmashFly has always had an industry-leading CRM, but aptly utilizing a CRM takes some work – work that many teams don’t have time to concentrate on. So we made our platform smarter and more efficient by adding a dynamic assistant to do the work for you at scale and at a speed-of-lightning pace. Take a look:

  • Interact: Emerson prompts talent to engage and ask questions in real-time, alerting your recruiters to any high-priority talent so they can jump into the conversation live.
  • Learn: Emerson can learn over 2,000 data points about your company and brand, consistently getting smarter based on candidate questions and helping you learn more about what’s top-of-mind for talent.
  • Screen: Emerson screens interested candidates before they apply, allowing recruiters to fast-track priority talent and funnel key info into our CRM for future outreach.
  • Capture: Emerson builds and segments talent pipelines automatically capturing key talent info, creating and editing contact records in the CRM, and adding talent with specific qualifications to lists.
  • Schedule: Emerson handles all pre-screen scheduling, including reminders and follow-ups, so your recruiters and hiring managers get hours back in their week.

And from what we’re seeing, Emerson’s pretty good at his job – 90% of people who start a conversation with him will finish it. (That’s pretty good when no conversations happen in your ATS!) Even better, 75% of people end the conversation with “thank you.”

By simply offering a human interaction, talent feels more positive about the experience with your company, without your team lifting a finger.


Why CRM Integration is Essential

You might have noticed that we’re referring to Emerson as a recruiting assistant, not a chatbot. There’s a good reason for that.

Today, chatbots are everywhere. And they’re called chatbots because you can almost immediately tell you’re not dealing with a human. Seriously – go use some of them. Extremely slow response times are the norm. There’s almost no customization. The bots are often easily confused. And the real irony of it all is that these bots often create more candidate experience issues than they fix.

With Emerson, we saw an opportunity to not only create as human-like of an experience as possible, but also to build in long-term potential: to create a better experience in real-time for your talent and capture that information and conversation automatically in the CRM.

Why is that second part so important?

Conversations that happen in a vacuum pose the risk of creating another black hole. But with SmashFly and Emerson, recruiters – whether it’s today, tomorrow or next year – will have a record of each candidate’s conversation and a contact record in the CRM that’s populated with far richer information. This means your team can sign in directly to SmashFly and see Emerson’s impact:

  • New contacts created from a conversation with key data fields automatically parsed into a candidate record
  • The conversation history – with the ability for recruiters to jump in and chat live from the CRM
  • The contact’s resume and any other documents that were easily dragged into the chat window
  • Any interviews or meetings that Emerson has pre-scheduled (with the ability to ask Emerson to reschedule if a conflict comes up)

The bottom line: Emerson is far more than a bot that can answer questions on a career site. He’s a true assistant — engaging candidates in real-time, capturing their info in the CRM and taking actions when quality leads come in. And he does all of that without one ounce of effort from your team.


The End Goal: A Meeting of the Minds

For the past 11 years, SmashFly has hung its hat on the idea that the route to filling jobs faster with right-fit people isn’t about driving more applicants – it’s about driving leads through great experiences and smart marketing and learning about those leads so you can focus your team’s time on the best ones. Our platform was built for recruitment marketing across channels – to be proactive, to generate leads, to market brand and jobs, to automate nurture and follow-up for a better experience.

Emerson was a natural next step in our quest to fuel smarter, more efficient connections.

It’s another vehicle to engage talent where they are – to interact over brand and culture, not just job descriptions. It’s a vehicle to generate leads and interest more quickly and seamlessly than applications, forms or opt-ins because it happens live – and talent feels like they’re being heard.

Our goal is to help employers and talent stop missing each other – and instead help them meet each other without any more work on either side. Remove friction. Focus on simplicity. After all, hiring has never been about waging a war between employers and talent. It’s been about an eager journey to find the same path – and I believe Emerson takes us one step closer.

See Emerson in action in the video below. 




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