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One of the best parts about being a Customer Success Manager at SmashFly is being completely immersed in the recruitment marketing space. Career sites are like a blank canvas for a company to showcase its employer brand and are often the places where I see the most creativity.


To best serve my customers, I try to stay up to date with what’s trending in all aspects of recruitment marketing. Whether I’m getting Recruitment Marketing Certified through Transform Academy or scouring the web for career site inspiration, I’m always learning in this role.

Along the way, I make it a point to share my favorite career site trends with my customers. As I continuously passed these sites along, I thought about expanding my reach, and sharing my favorite sites with the entire recruitment marketing world. And so, this blog post was born. Here are some of my favorite career sites, and some tips you can learn from each one.



Intel has always been forward-thinking when it comes to recruitment marketing, and it shows in their career site. One of the smartest features here is the talent network form that pops up after a few moments of being on the webpage. It asks for minimal information: first name, last name and email address, fueling a higher conversion rate. Minimalism is a recurring theme: Intel’s career site offers just enough information to pique candidates’ interest without overloading them, making opting in to that talent network all the more appealing.


intel career site2


CVS Health

What works here is CVS’ clever use of call-to-action (CTA) and filtering. As you navigate down their completely mobile responsive page, there are tons of opportunities to engage with their content. Whether it’s to join the talent community, search jobs or learn about their culture, there are options for every candidate, no matter where they are in their journey.  I happen to love this “Careers Areas” section which allows the job seeker to visually determine their path rather than selecting from an antiquated drop-down list.


CVS Careers



Career sites are a highly visual channel. You can have amazing content, but if it’s displayed in a way that is disjointed or unappealing, you won’t see much engagement. Ticketmaster serves up great content, but what really sets this site apart is how visually appealing it is. Bright colors contrast and immediately catch visitors’ eyes. By using real photos of their actual employees instead of stock photos, they are providing a window into their culture. Authenticity counts!


ticketmaster career site



Fidelity Careers houses tons of content – from information on open jobs, to benefits, to employee stories. There is no doubt candidates will be able to find what they’re looking for. The standout feature of this site, however, is the personalization. Fidelity enables candidates to connect their LinkedIn profile for personalized job suggestions.


fidelity career site 2


In addition to being personalized, Fidelity’s site appeals to social-savvy candidates. They’ve installed a social API through a 3rd party that aggregates all their social content into a carousel – an attractive and engaging tactic to drive traffic to social sites.


Fidelity personalized jobs



We’ve all loved incorporating Netflix into our daily mobile lives, so it may not come as a surprise that these customer experience experts have a standout career site.  But experience isn’t what I found most interesting about this site – it’s transparency. Netflix actually publishes their current workforce demographics on their career site.  Many companies preach diversity, but Netflix is walking the walk by putting these numbers out there.  This is almost cool enough to make you forget about that monthly rate increase!


netflix career site



SmashFly’s 2018 Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks Report for the Fortune 500 found that only 44% of companies offer veterans a targeted talent network.  While this is disappointing, there are some big names that do offer a talent network for veterans, including ADP, AT&T, Charter, PwC and GE. Verizon, however, goes one step further and provides military spouses their own talent network. In doing this, Verizon not only shows that it understands the unique needs of every candidate, but that it’s there to provide personalized support through the candidate journey.


verizon career site


I love working in a discipline that is still evolving. It provides the opportunity to think outside the box and help my customers push boundaries, leading them to success. Keeping tabs on what others in the space are doing is one of my favorite ways to educate myself while inspiring my customers. Have you seen any standout career sites lately? I’d love to check them out and promote them. Let me know on Twitter at @kevinpmclane.

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