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One of the benefits (or downsides, depending on how you look at it) of my job is that I get to experience a lot of talent acquisition conferences and events.

It’s part of the gig in B2B marketing — especially in the HR and talent acquisition industry, where people seem to really value the energy that comes from getting a bunch of smart folks in one place. Many of the HR and TA leaders I meet are eager learners who genuinely care about sharing ideas and working together to make the recruiting process a whole lot better. And conferences can be a great forum.

Unfortunately, a lot of conferences stink.

Sometimes it’s because talent acquisition events are completely driven by sponsors who care only about leads. Sometimes it’s because the people behind the event haven’t taken time to really understand the challenges facing an industry. And sometimes it’s because there’s just not enough downtime to create serendipitous moments of learning and idea swapping.

Well, enough of all of that: It’s why we’re hosting Transform Live again in 2019


A Different Kind of Talent Acquisition Conference

When I started at SmashFly in October 2016, one of the first people I met was Elyse Mayer — now SmashFly’s Director of Marketing. At the time, I had no idea SmashFly was about to host its first live conference, and the first-ever recruitment marketing conference at the time: Transform.

I’m paraphrasing, but she said something like: “Imagine taking the smartest people you know, putting them in the same room, and letting them dictate the experience. Transform’s just the thing enabling that magic to happen.”

She couldn’t have been more right.

Sure, I’m biased. I work for SmashFly. It’s our conference. And it’d be easy to dismiss all of this as senseless, self-serving nonsense (see above). But talk to someone who attended Transform in 2016 — or any of the Transform events since — and I’m willing to bet you’ll hear it from them, too.

Just ask the king of snark and cynicism himself:


And he wasn’t the only one:

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Transform just felt different. It wasn’t about SmashFly. It was about putting real practitioners on stage who had actually implemented (successfully) the ideas they preached. And it wasn’t just about aspirational ideas. It was about digging into frameworks and strategies to actually execute.

It was about having the guts to be a little crazy, swim against the current, and do something different in an industry that’s not always known for rattling cages.


Transform is Back — and It’s Better Than Ever

After that first-ever recruitment marketing conference in 2016, Transform went virtual — largely because the demand for the show was so great, and we wanted to make it as accessible as possible. In 2017, more than 3,500 people registered for the livestream. Last year, we cleared 4,000.

But we kept hearing the same feedback: “The livestream is great… but Transform Live is still the best conference I’ve ever been to. Bring. It. Back.”

Good news, folks: We’re listeners.

On June 19-21 at the incredible Revere Hotel in the heart of Boston, our Transform Recruitment Marketing Conference will be back in all its glory. We’re expecting 250+ TA leaders, recruitment marketing pioneers, and employer branding practitioners. We’re hosting another killer party — this time, on the roof deck of the Revere Hotel (with amazing views of the Boston skyline). And the Transform agenda is STACKED:

  • Holland McCue, Head of Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing Programs at Delta Air Lines, who’ll share how Delta is telling its EVP and enabling recruiters to tell it for them.
  • Torin Ellis, a former recruiter and current diversity strategist, who will deliver a no-BS keynote smartly outlining the business tenets of creating and nurturing a D&I mindset.
  • Leon Logothetis, a former stock broker turned Netflix star who quit his job and circled the globe with no money in his pocket — relying only on the kindness of others to get by.
  • James Ellis, former Head of Employment Brand at Groupon and Lead Employer Brand Consultant at Proactive Talent, will get real about what your company can do to get Gen Z to work for you tomorrow.

Check out the full speaker line-up (with more to come!) here.

Oh, and if all of that’s not enough to convince you to join us in Boston, get this: When you check into the Revere Hotel, you’ll be given a pillow menu. Yes, a pillow menu. That’s next-level luxury right there…

Registration is officially open! And you want to be an Early Bird: before Feb 28, tickets are $500 off. Your boss will thank you for being a good steward of the TA budget, so lock in your spot now!

I’ll leave it up to you, but don’t miss a conference that leaves nearly everyone who was there feeling like this:

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Our goal is to live up to the standard the 2016 event set by making Transform 2019 the best talent acquisition conference you’ve been to. It won’t be easy, but I like our chances.

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