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When was the last time you did something for you? I don’t mean a little “treat yourself” moment (but yes, you should 100% have that cookie). I mean, when was your last invest-in-your future moment?

Your chance is now— talent acquisition is the most dynamic and quickly-growing area of HR, and recruitment marketing technology is specifically cited as a top area of investment in 2019. So where do these talent acquisition leaders meet to share ideas and transform an industry? At the most anticipated recruitment marketing event of the year—Transform — June 19-21, at the Revere Hotel in Boston.

What is Transform?

  • 4 unbelievable keynotes
  • 9 practitioner-led sessions chock full of actionable takeaways, including an amazing session from the head of AI in talent acquisition at Intel and the head of employer brand at Delta Airlines
  • 6 workshops to map out a framework for your future talent strategy

Once you see this insanely-talented speaker line-up, you’ll understand why you can’t miss all this knowledge in one place. But if you need 8 more reasons to attend, keep reading.

1.  Run with a pack that enriches you.

Transformation is about so much more than technology – it’s a revolution. This is a community of 200+ bold, creative recruitment marketing trailblazers gathering to share their experiences and learn from each other – and that doesn’t stop when the event is over.  Remember, being the lone wolf gets you nowhere fast…

HBO/via weheartit.com

HBO/via weheartit.com

2. Turn “disruptor” from buzz word to boss-worthy.

Digital transformation is nerve-inducing. What does being a disruptor even mean?! Lucky for all of us, digital transformation futurist (yep, that’s a thing) and Forbes Top 50 Influencer, Erik Qualman, is ready to show us how to apply design thinking to create a realistic, digestible roadmap for your organization’s technical evolution.

Look at you, on the leading edge!


3. Get involved at interactive workshops that you can’t catch online.

Conferences aren’t worth it if you don’t leave with something actionable. Workshops are the best part because you’re guaranteed to get practical advice. Being there live in-person for the Transform workshops, you’ll have the chance to ask direct questions and start visualizing the steps it’ll take to meet your goals with advice from highly-skilled recruitment marketers from CVS, Sprint, Fiserv, Cornerstone OnDemand and the Washington Post.

4. Netflix and skill. 

Did you know that, according to research from Bersin by Deloitte, companies with the highest financial return from talent acquisition allocate almost 40% of their hiring criteria to emotional and psychological traits like ambition, learning agility, passion, and sense of purpose?

Those soft skills can be harder to identify but have a huge impact on employee engagement and performance. Netflix’s kindness guy, Leon Logothetis, is ready to help you tap into that big heart of yours and find what makes your organization – and your people – tick. Doesn’t that feel nice?


5. This view of downtown Boston in June…COME ON!!

The start of summer in Boston means baseball, Tall Ships, duck boats, and now…rooftop parties! We’ll all gather at the gorgeous Revere Hotel Boston Common for drinks, snacks and other fun surprises Thursday evening. Psssttt…Attendees can also spend the night at a discounted room block rate.


6. Commit to diversity and inclusion initiatives and mean it.

As AI and machine learning become more commonplace in recruiting, so does concern around fairness and diversity. Even Google has taken strides toward more inclusive hiring practices with recent job search enhancements for veterans, non-English speakers and commuters without car or rail access.

At Transform, recruitment marketing data and machine learning best practices are paramount at sessions from Intel, IBM and of course, our keynote: “Diversity Is Not a Delusion: An Actionable Path to D&I ROI” presented by Torin Ellis, principal at The Torin Ellis Brand.


7. Recruiter enablement tools you haven’t tried before.

You’ll leave Transform with a ton of new ideas to fuel an inventive recruitment marketing strategy. The last thing we’d want is for all of that critical thought and planning to fall flat when it comes time to implement it. So, we’re going to make recruiter enablement a thing.
Holland McCue, Head of Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing Programs at Delta Air Lines, is a whiz at generating the right content to mobilize talent acquisition teams to confidently adopt new technologies and processes. She’ll share her methods for creating an employment brand vision that your entire department can get behind.


8. It’s the O.G. recruitment marketing event…for rebels only.

When Transform debuted in 2016, it was truly the first of its kind – and that pioneering spirit is still alive and well. This is the only recruitment marketing conference you’ll find at this scale – two full days, visionary speakers, practitioner-led workshops, and employment brand forerunners from across the country. Inspiration board material brought to life!

Whether you’ve been held back by budget changes, ramping up new systems and processes, or simply trying to get a handle on what you actually need to accomplish in 2019 – the mid-year point is sneaking up way too fast. Couldn’t you use a breath of fresh east-coast air and good company to reset your battery?

Join the Transform movement, come back and kick off the second half of the year with a plan of action that you can take pride in—you’re worth it.


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