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They’re frequently asked questions for a reason…

Do you remember looking for a new job? No doubt you had more than a few outstanding questions beyond what you could find online. Did you ever hear back? Did you even get the chance to ask?

Probably not.

Let’s face it. The traditional recruiting process just isn’t set up for that type of interaction. Recruiters can’t talk to every person who applies. So it’s no surprise that applicants feel disconnected, invisible and devalued by companies. Being connected to others is foundational for happiness. Add a dose of vulnerability, and we’re even more desperate for that connection.

When you look into the psychological response to getting the silent treatment, this kind of job seeker ghosting activates the part of the brain that detects levels of pain, and can actually lead to changes in the brain. That’s a whole lot of hurt for someone applying to a black hole of jobs every day.

On the flipside, “Supportive interactions with others benefit immune, endocrine, and cardiovascular functions and reduce allostatic load, which reflects wear and tear on the body.” That means we could literally improve job seeker health by making a connection and answering their questions.

So, What Are You Waiting For? Two Ways to Address Candidate FAQs

Create A Candidate FAQ Guide

Your company isn’t a good fit for everyone. But you can proactively help candidates assess this on their own by answering their questions upfront. Here’s an idea.

Call five of your high-volume hiring managers. Ask each of them to send you the three most common questions they get during interviews and the answers they give when those come up. Helpful tip: If you create a shared Google Doc for this, everyone can see each other’s questions, and you’ll avoid duplicating responses.

Share this document with your marketing team so they can package it in an attractive and branded way, and then get that bad boy up on your career site.

Make Yourself Available With Chat

Chatbots, or AI-powered recruiting assistants, can help you merge the best of tech and human experiences. Look at tools to screen resumes, standardize job matching, and automate routine, tedious, or mundane tasks (while still giving you an option to jump in when candidates have questions the bot can’t answer).

Hopefully, all that automation frees you up to engage in more meaningful interactions with qualified candidates. Plus, you can usually feed the bot with your handy new FAQ guide and other career-related content to start, and it keeps getting smarter and more fluid with each candidate interaction.

We all have questions when it comes to candidate experience, and we each deserve answers. If you remember what it feels like to look for a new job, you know just how impactful this could be. Preemptively addressing candidate’s questions by automatically sending this out is a big step toward enhancing the candidate experience. Help candidates in their process when it matters most.


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