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According to the Forbes article, “Ten Reasons Online Job Applications Are a Waste of Time,” contributing author Liz Ryan, refers to job applications as “tedious and frustrating to complete” and “incredibly time-consuming.” She even goes so far as to call out the “twenty-year-old software” that job seekers have to fight through just to apply (ahem, Applicant Tracking Systems…).

Yet, we’re in the age of recruitment marketing. Employer branding. AI-fueled chatbots. Candidate relationship management tools and video platforms to share employee stories. Marketing has found its way into talent acquisition; or, shall I say, the savviest talent acquisition rule breakers have brought marketing into recruiting. But after all this effort and investment in technology, skills, learning, marketing … when a candidate comes to your shiny new career site and starts filling out an application, they’re forced into a cringeworthy legacy ATS application experience. We all know it the minute we see the redirect happening: unbranded, not mobile friendly, cumbersome, with a long page of form fields and 10 upcoming sections pending.

At this moment, 90% of your candidates experience form fatigue and drop off before even registering (source: SmashFly system data). Goodbye potential hire. Potential applicant. Potential lead. And perhaps worse, a once-interested person left with a bad impression of yet another “tedious and frustrating to complete” job application.

So how can we fix this?

SmashFly’s Apply Overlay: Change the Experience Without Changing Your ATS

We get it: changing technologies, particularly ATSs, is not a walk in the park. But that’s the beauty of our just-released Apply Overlay solution: you get to enhance and control the look and feel of your application process without a single update or email to your legacy ATS. Yes, you read that right.

Our solution acts as a bridge between SmashFly-hosted career sites and the current ATS to create a seamless, front-end branded and intuitive application process. The value to you – and your candidates – means:

  • Simplified Talent Network Opt-In
    Rather than ask your candidates for information twice, we automatically populate your talent network in the SmashFly CRM. This means you’ll automatically have your candidate’s data to help nurture that relationship for their entire talent lifecyle, not just this job.
  • Higher Conversion without More Work
    Our apply overlay solution creates a streamlined and easy-to-use candidate experience, no jarring user registration and no excessive required steps. You can finally give your candidates the experience they’ve always wanted, without overhauling your existing systems or process flows.
  • A Secure Process Free of Risk or Compliance Concerns
    All of your candidate data will securely live in your ATS, and no API will move your data outside of your ATS.
SmashFly Apply Overlay career site solution

Happier Candidates and Greater Conversions

Today’s job seekers are smartphone lovin’ digital natives. Their expectations of an intuitive and trustworthy experience have been deeply reinforced in all their online interactions. Think Amazon populating your shipping address or Yelp notifying you about a redirect out of the app.  It’s transparency and expectation-setting at its finest.

That transparency, consistency, and etiquette is something today’s standard application process lacks – and exactly what we will provide with Apply Overlay.

Asking your candidates for their personal information multiple times or redirecting them to an unbranded ATS without their permission isn’t just dated online protocol, it erodes trust in the process. SmashFly’s Apply Overlay solution eliminates clunky barriers to entry like unfamiliar URL redirects, immediate user registration, and duplicate form fields for a more streamlined apply flow.

In turn this makes your application process an end-to-end trustworthy, branded experience. Plus, there’s the added benefit of securely populating information entered, for the application, back into the talent network form with one-step opt in. With that data in the CRM, even if the candidate isn’t hired for THIS role, they are stored in your recruitment marketing engine for future meaningful interactions and relationship-building.

SmashFly Apply Overlay mobile talent network

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Using Apply Overlay to rebrand and optimize the application process let’s you take control of this critical initial touchpoint and provide a simpler, more engaging way to apply. That’s the kind of memorable experience that stands out in the hearts and minds of job seekers and keeps them from getting frustrated and continuing their search elsewhere.

So, take back that tired online-job-applications-are-a-waste-of-time narrative, by leveraging our elegant application overlay solution. Your candidates and your beautiful career site deserve an awesome end-to-end-branded experience — this is your chance to show it.

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