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If you’ve ever bought a car, you’ve experienced that moment when the sales rep pushes across a couple of laminated pieces of paper and pitches you on the value of extended warranties.  

Live in an area prone to potholes? Bam! Wheel protection for the next four years — and it’ll only cost you an extra $10 per month. Worried about your kids spilling something on that shiny new interior? Shazam! The dealer’s got your back for an extra $199. Not sure if the 3-year, 36,000 mile drivetrain warranty is enough? Sammy Sales Guy can put a nice, 100,000-mile safety blanket right over your back… for an extra $2,000. 

I’m guilty of taking the bait.  

When I bought the car I’m driving now, the salesman spent five minutes building fear in my mind about my windshield — how often they break, how expensive they are to fix, why insurance doesn’t always make sense, etc.  

The scare tactic worked. I cut the guy a $500 check for something that made me feel better, but probably won’t ever deliver any material value. 

 “Official” Integrations: A Tale of Two Worlds

All of that reminds me of how our industry — HR and TA technology — approach integrations and partnerships. Specifically, how this space heavily leans into the words “certified” and “official.”  

Stick with me here — but keep the car dealership analogy above in mind.  

In the marketing world, if I want to integrate two tools, most vendors offer out of the box integrations with core systems. And if they don’t, then tools like Zapier or Jitterbit (more on that later) — both Integrated Platforms as a Service (iPaaS) — can do the hard work for you (here’s a great guide from HubSpot that breaks down the benefits of iPaaS). There aren’t really “certified,” “official,” or any other kind of special integrations. There are just integrations.  

But in our world — TA and HR tech — it’s a slightly different story. There are a lots of factors that play into it, but in our industry official integrations — which often provide greater degrees of quality, stability, and extensibility — are often requirements in the buying cycle instead of nice-to-haves.

Which brings me to Workday.  

Last year, SmashFly was part of Workday’s partner program and charting toward becoming a “certified” partner. But earlier this year, Workday decided to close off that partner program — certainly their prerogative — and that left us on the outside looking in.

Now, the good news is that it didn’t materially change our ability to deliver an integration with Workday. SmashFly’s always offered a Workday integration (more than one-third of our customers are integrated with Workday) and that’s still the case. It just wasn’t Workday certified or approved, and we weren’t listed on Workday’s partner page. C’est la vie. 

But it did open the door for FUD. 

What’s FUD? Fear. Uncertainty. And Doubt. Essentially, SmashFly not having a certified or approved Workday integration teed up our competitors to create an objection in the sales cycle — one that, like those nifty car warranties above, is more scare tactic than substance. 

SmashFly + Jitterbit: A New Integration Powered by a Workday Select Partner

Some of our competitors will tell you their integration is better because it’s certified. But the reality is that there are multiple ways to create a strong integration — particularly in the era of iPaaS. And that tactic ultimately draws attention away from what really matters: Whose platform is best suited to meet your needs?   

So, how do we bring the conversation to that level? It starts with focusing on the solution itself and the benefits it delivers to you.  

And that’s exactly why we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Jitterbit — one of the world’s best Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) providers. Jitterbit happens to be a Workday Select Partner (more on that below) with an approved integration. They also happen to be agnostic and independent, with the singular goal of democratizing and simplifying integrations between core systems (can I get an “Amen!”).  

In a world where larger vendors are making selective bets on specific companies and closing off their ecosystems to others like them, Jitterbit gives us — and our customers — an ideal solution. Why? 

  1. Because Jitterbit is a Workday Select Partner — the highest designation any Workday software partner can achieve — we’ll be able to leverage Workday’s APIs through Jitterbit to create a simpler, easier-to-setup, real-time integration for our customers that can adapt as Workday adapts.
  2. Jitterbit’s knowledge of — and experience with — Workday’s HCM platform aligns with our roadmap, opening the door to deeper integration with additional Workday modules to power significantly more innovative internal mobility and referral functionality, and more real-time, contextually relevant engagement to other candidate audiences (alumni, former interns, etc.). Stay tuned, but we’re excited.  
  3. Oh, and because Jitterbit is an independent third-party platform, as the market changes we’ll already be prepared with a partner that can help us — and you — adapt.  
  4. We’ll be able to offer additional peace of mind, because you’re not just getting a Workday integration from an experienced Workday Select Partner, you’re also getting a partner that’s been repeatedly named a Leader in Gartner’s iPaaS Magic Quadrant. In fact, in 2019, Jitterbit achieved a 100% unconditional recommendation from its clients in the Gartner iPaaS customer reference survey. Simply put, Jitterbit specializes in integrations, which lets us invest more time and resources into the stuff we’re great at.  

Now, you’re probably going to hear our competitors say “yea, they use a partner to integrate with Workday — but we can do it ourselves!” And they won’t be wrong. But before you start to think that’s a bad thing, ask yourself this: If your plumber offered to bake your wedding cake, would you take him up on it?  

Ultimately, Jitterbit is an undisputed expert on Workday integrations — they’ve built an entire business around it. They’re the plumbers. We’re the bakers. And we can both focus on doing what we do best — without the risk of contaminating your cake.   

So, the next time you hear one of our competitors tell you they’re the only vendor who can deliver an approved CRM integration with Workday, just remember: Fear and uncertainty are powerful psychological tricks.  

Sometimes, they’re warranted. But often, they’re just tools people use to draw attention away from the stuff that actually matters.   

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